Is It Safe To Combine A C-section And A Tummy Tuck?

Many women scheduled to give birth through cesarean delivery think that it can be combined with a tummy tuck and we can’t blame them for thinking so. Both a C-section and a tummy tuck are major surgical operations so it makes sense – or at least, it initially does when the risks aren’t clear yet – that these can be combined into a single operation. If it happens, then there’s only one round of anesthesia and one recovery period resulting in less hassle and cost. 

It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Well, not actually because of the risks involved! Instead, we strongly recommend non-invasive methods of getting your abdomen in better shape after your pregnancy and delivery.  You will find these methods at Body Athenix Sculpting where Vaser liposuction is available, and it doesn’t involve cuts and incisions, banding and stapling, not even general anesthesia.  Your recovery period will be shorter and your risks for serious complications lower, usually limited to swelling and redness in the treatment area. 

With that said, here are the serious issues that comes with combining a cesarian delivery and a tummy tuck. 

Increased Risk of Complications 

Emphasis must be made that both a cesarian section and a tummy tuck have their share of side effects and complications, during and after the procedure. If these two operations are combined in a single run, the risk for complications increases exponentially for many reasons. 

First, a C-section involves significant blood loss and it’s a risk in itself since internal hemorrhages can be life-threatening complications. Depending on the extensiveness of the tummy tuck, there will be a significantly greater risk of blood loss if it’s combined with a C-section. 

Second, the risk for infections in the uterus and abdominal wall in case of a C-tuck, as a combination C-section and tummy tuck is informally called, is higher, too. Both areas are opened, after all, so bacteria and other pathogens can easily become an issue in them.  

Third, the abdomen becomes distended during pregnancy possibly resulting in the distortion of the skin and muscles in the area. There will likely be issues with pain management, fluid retention and return to normal activity, aside from the increased risk infection. 

Increase in Recovery Period

Both a C-section and tummy tuck require sufficient recovery time before a return to normal activities can be recommended. In case of a C-section, it can take a month or more before a new mother can move around with little to no pain. In a tummy tuck, it may be longer or shorter than a month depending on the area covered. 

Just imagine the extremely difficult recovery if both operations are done on top of each other – a C-section first followed by a tummy tuck. The recovery period will be significantly longer and the recovery itself will likely be filled with more pain and less mobility than if these operations were done separately and with enough interval.  

There’s also the matter of a new mother taking care of a newborn baby, a combination resulting in physical and mental exhaustion. With many mothers also experiencing post-partum depression, the mix can be explosive, so to speak. 

Increase in Disappointment 

Post-partum depression isn’t a joke either and new mothers should have the loving support of family and friends in overcoming it. But it can be a challenge to deal with a new mother’s depression when she’s also dealing with disappointing results from a C-tuck.

With a distended abdomen from the pregnancy, the abdominal skin is stretched seven ways till Sunday and it isn’t conducive for a tummy tuck. The surgeon cannot determine with precision the extent of the tightening that needs to be done and, thus, the results can be disappointing if a tummy tuck will be done soon after a C-section. 

Finding a plastic surgeon with the skills and willingness to perform a C-tuck is a herculean task, too. You likely won’t find it even if you comb the Internet for information or ask for referrals from your doctor. The risks are just too high and no doctor is likely to put his practice and reputation on the line for it. 

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t undergo a tummy tuck after your C-section either. It’s all about the timing as well as your physical condition and mental readiness for a tummy tuck; be sure that you have the financial capacity for it, too, as a tummy tuck isn’t usually covered by health insurance.

Think, too, about the risks of a tummy tuck before deciding on it. You can achieve a flat abdomen when you have given birth to a few babies through a healthy diet, moderate exercise and sensible lifestyle habits as well as body contouring. This way, you’re nurturing your body after it has undergone trauma from the pregnancy and bringing it back to good health through safe and effective methods.  

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