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A double chin, also known by more imaginative names like wattle, gobbler, and turkey neck for obvious reasons, may seem trivial but many adults hate it! This isn’t surprising as the hereditary condition makes it appear like there’s little to no definition between the face and neck resulting in a less defined jawline; a strong jawline is closely associated with strength of character, confidence and youthfulness in modern society. Indeed, a double chin ranks high along with fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles as a major beauty issue.

The following Belkyra prices are estimates only.


Belkyra Approximate Cost

Per Treatment (4 to 6 weeks apart per treatment)

Treatment 1 (starting price) $600–$1800/each
Treatment 2 (starting price) $600–$1800/each
Treatment 3 (starting price) $600–$1800/each
You may receive up to 6 treatment sessions, spaced at least 1 month apart.

Many adults attempt to cover their double chin with turtlenecks and scarves, as well as consider the so-called miracle topical products that promise to dissolve the fat under the chin. If fashion and promises aren’t your cup of tea and you have money to spare, a surgical procedure like a liposuction and/or neck lift may produce the desired result.

These options, however, have several disadvantages – fashion and fad products aren’t effective while liposuction and neck lift are invasive, expensive and have high risks. This is where Belkyra comes in! And if you’re worried about the cost, take heart as the Belkyra cost is relatively reasonable considering its numerous benefits, as well as the fact that the treatment can be financed in various affordable ways.

What Is Belkyra?

Developed in the United States, Belkyra is a prescriptive medication administered via a series of injections under the chin. Made of synthetic deoxycholic acid, it destroys the submental fat that causes double chin by stimulating the body’s natural ability to dissolve and excrete fats.  In several studies, Belkyra also has a knock-on effect in that the early signs of jowls can be significantly reduced and, thus, giving the jawline a more chiseled look.

Emphasis must be made, however, that Belkyra is only approved for use in the reduction of submental fat under the chin, not for any other part of the body. Belkyra isn’t also suitable for the reduction of loose skin; interested individuals are advised to consider other options like laser liposuction, laser skin tightening, and neck lift.

What Is the Cost of Treatment?

The total cost of treatment depends on the severity of the double chin – the larger the amount of fat under the chin, the more treatments will likely be needed, and the higher the cost. The doctor will determine the amount of Belkyra needed for each injection and the number of treatments needed based on each patient’s case.

The cost for each treatment is approximately $1,500; the actual cost will vary depending on the clinic, doctor and patient. Some patients may only need two treatments while others may require four to six injections to obtain the desired result.

If you have a mild double chin, two treatments will likely be sufficient to give your neck and jawline a defined look. But for a moderate or a severe double chin, more injections will be needed to achieve similar or same results.

Be sure to ask your doctor about the total cost of treatment in your case before undergoing the first injection. Keep in mind that your medical insurance provider will not cover the cost of treatment as it’s considered as a cosmetic procedure. For this reason, you have to consider the possible financing options, such as dipping into your savings fund, using your credit card, and taking out a loan.

Since the treatments are spaced six to eight weeks apart, you will also have sufficient time to plan financing.

The Belkyra cost may initially seem too expensive, especially when compared with the fashion and fad miracle products, but its results are well worth the price. There’s also the fact that Belkyra injections are non-invasive and, thus, there’s less downtime than with the surgical options like liposuction and neck lift.  

Why Should You Choose Belkyra?

In addition to giving a chiseled jawline, Belkyra has several benefits including:

  • Quick treatment time
  • Non-invasive as there’s no need for scalpels, incisions and sutures
  • Little downtime
  • Long-lasting results

Belkyra has also been proven safe and effective for the treatment of mild to severe double chin caused by submental fat. Be sure, nonetheless, that the person applying Belkyra has, in fact, trained for its administration; otherwise, the risk for side effects increase and the results will not be as expected.

The results of Belkyra, if and when it’s administered appropriately, are also long-lasting, even rivaling the results of a liposuction and a neck lift. This is because once the synthetic deoxycholic acid destroys the targeted fat cells under the chin, these are permanently eliminated so there’s little to no risk of the double chin returning. Furthermore, the treatment area can neither store nor accumulate fat.

But as with most, if not all, fat reduction methods, the remaining fat cells can still grow due to weight gain. You must then maintain a stable weight – or as close to your ideal weight as possible – after your Belkyra treatment so as to maintain the results.  

In comparison with liposuction and a neck lift, the results of Belkyra injections aren’t as immediately visible. The results will be visible after several days, even several weeks, after the last injection has been immediate. In comparison, the results are immediate with liposuction, especially after the swelling has gone down in a few days; but the recovery period is significantly longer since it’s a surgical procedure.

Also, you have to wear a head wrap for one to two weeks after liposuction; the head wrap is necessary to compress the tissue and, thus, manage the swelling. You will agree that wearing a head wrap isn’t just inconvenient but it’s also uncomfortable, as well as a way of announcing that you’ve undergone surgery.

With Belkyra, there’s no need for head wraps, dressings and the like because of its non-invasive nature. The results may not be immediate – these are instead gradual in nature – but that’s what makes it attractive to many adults. You will actually see the progression of the results with each treatment sans the need for lengthy explanations to others.  

Who Is It Suitable For?

Yet another advantage of Belkyra as a treatment for double chin is that it’s a suitable procedure for relatively healthy adults that meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 18 years old and above
  • With unwanted double chin (i.e., fullness around the neck and chin area caused by submental fat)
  • With little to no excess skin or loose skin around the chin and neck area

Belkyra is a great choice when you’re bothered by your double chin but don’t want to undergo surgery. You may also have adopted diet and exercise habits to reduce its appearance yet it persists.

Belkyra, however, may not involve surgery but it isn’t suitable for certain cohorts including but not limited to:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Persons with severe heart and/or liver problems
  • Persons with lax neck muscles or plenty of excess skin (i.e., a neck liposuction or lift is the better option)

Your doctor will perform a physical examination of your chin and neck area, as well as provide instructions for laboratory tests, to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate or not. You may not be a suitable candidate, for example, if you have plenty of excess skin around the chin and neck area – Belkyra injections will not tighten skin and muscle.  

How Does It Work?

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally-occuring substance produced by the body that removes and excretes fat cells. Belkyra contains a synthetic version that imitates the actions of its naturally-occurring counterpart,

When Belkyra is injected under the chin, it bursts the fat cells in the treatment area – think of the fat cells as bursting balloons. The fat released by the burst fat cells is then removed by the body’s natural repair system and carried to the liver by the bloodstream for subsequent excretion. Think of it as the body clearing the fat debris on its own so there’s no need for other radical fat removal methods.

Keep in mind that the Belkyra injections will induce a natural inflammatory reaction in the body. Each patient will have a different reaction to the injections for this reason.  Every patient should also have a customized treatment plan based on his or her individual anatomy, among other factors.

What Can You Expect During and After the Injection?

Keep in mind, too, that even when it’s a non-invasive surgical procedure, the injection of Belkyra isn’t exactly a walk-in procedure either. When you walk into a clinic offering the service, you will undergo a medical examination by a qualified doctor to determine your suitability for it. Your treatment session will then be scheduled, if you qualify for it, and you will be provided with a set of pre-treatment instructions including:

  • Limiting your alcohol intake
  • Avoiding the intake of anti-inflammatory medications at least a week before the scheduled treatment

These two instructions aren’t mandatory but following them will contribute to a smoother recovery. There are no special pre-treatment steps unlike with surgical cosmetic procedures.

During the scheduled treatment, your doctor will likely perform these steps:

  • Take “before” photos for comparison purposes
  • Apply either a topical analgesic or inject a local anesthesia to the treatment area; the choice will depend on the size of the treatment area, your own preference, and your doctor’s judgment
  • Place a transparent grid on the treatment area, which will act as a guide for your doctor in making the Belkyra injections accurately

The treatment will only 5-15 minutes with little discomfort involved. You may apply an ice pack for 10-15 minutes after the last injection has been made to reduce the swelling.

You may be able to resume normal activities within a day or two depending on your response. Remember that your chin will appear double its size prior to the injection, which will last for two days or so as well as remain swollen for up to 14 days. Don’t worry about the swelling since it’s normal unless, of course, it’s accompanied by other symptoms (e.g., an apparent infection in the treatment area).

If your job involves dealing with others, such as a front-liner, or if you don’t want others to know that you’ve undergone a cosmetic treatment, you can schedule your treatment on the weekend. You will then have the time to let the swelling, bruising, and redness dissipate.  

Unlike fillers and Botox, Belkyra injections don’t have to be repeated once you have completed your personalized treatment. The superficial fat under your chin will be gone for the rest of your life for as long as you maintain a relatively stable weight.

What Are Its Risks?

The injection of Belkyra isn’t without its risks, however. For one thing, the treatment may cause serious negative effects on the facial features when it isn’t administered by a doctor trained in the administration of Belkyra.

The neck area is a high-risk area due to the presence of large blood vessels, the jugular vein, and nerves. For example, injecting Belkyra near the nerves can result in temporary paralysis lasting from six to eight weeks that, in turn, can cause imbalance and/or asymmetry in the movement of the lower lip. While it can be reversed, it can take several weeks so checking that the doctor, indeed, has appropriate training in Belkyra administration is a must.   

In many clinics, nonetheless, a trained medical aesthetic clinician will carry out the treatment and achieve the same results as a trained doctor.

Even with a trained doctor or medical aesthetic clinician performing the procedure, there’s still the risk of side effects. The common ones include pain at the treatment area, as well as redness, swelling, bruising, tingling, numbness, feeling of warmth, itching, discoloration, and small areas of hardness. Some patients may experience a few of these side effects, particularly tenderness and/or numbness in the treatment for up to two months.  

But these side effects are nothing new, so to speak, in non-surgical cosmetic treatments requiring injections like Botox and fillers. These are also less noticeable in comparison with the side effects associated with surgical procedures, such as liposuction and neck lift, not to mention that the targeted area heal faster.  

In conclusion, the Belkyra cost in comparison with its benefits make it among the best options for getting rid of your double chin! Say goodbye to your turkey wattle and say hello to your well-defined jawline, a sign of youth, character and beauty.

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