Are At-Home Laser Treatment Devices Worth It?

With the pandemic still raging on, a lot of people have become hesitant to do things outside. It just seems safer to stay at home and avoid other people in general. Lots of folks opted to learn how to do their own hair, nails, and pampering sessions both as a way to while time away and so they can still practice their favorite grooming methods without professional help.

Such a trend is also fueling the creation of more products meant for home use. One good example are at-home laser treatments. Those who want to deal with their fine lines and wrinkles may be able to skip heading to a clinic with the help of these latest home-use devices.

At-Home Laser Treatments

Laser devices made for home use are not novel concepts anymore. Laser hair removal products have been around for years already so it wouldn’t be too far of a reach if the same concept is applied to other available treatments.

Nowadays, you’ll find several devices that are meant for home use that are equipped with laser technology that are meant to deal with wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and skin pigmentation. There are also some that promise to help tighten facial skin as well as stimulate collagen production and blood circulation. These aim to provide alternative options to those who want to get treatments like Sonobello Lift.

Also referred to as over-the-counter light devices, these products promise more convenience and practicality to consumers. Since they can be used any time and practically anywhere, there’s no more need to worry about schedules. Unlike in-clinic procedures where appointments and logistics can complicate things.

Then, of course, home-use devices are also way cheaper than getting professional treatments. The purchase of the device mostly requires a one-time payment, so that already promises huge savings. All in all, it can really be an enticing option for those who want to improve the quality of their skin.

At-Home vs Professional Treatments

While at-home skin laser devices sound amazing, it’s important to check if they’re safe to use and if they actually work. These products can be marketed to work wonders and make miracles in order to sell so it’s crucial to check the technology first and foremost.

Technically, it is possible to improve your skin’s quality and appearance through laser treatments. Procedures like Sonobello Lift is a good proof of this. However, the devices used for such in-clinic treatments and home-use light devices are not one and  the same.

For starters, professional treatments use heavier-duty machines with way higher specifications than what you’ll get in at-home devices. The fact that licenses and training are normally required to operate the former is proof that they’re of higher caliber. They also come with some risks which is why they require someone knowledgeable to operate the unit.

At-home devices, on the other hand, are marketed safe to use and suitable for most folks. This significantly sets them apart from professional treatments as they’re not made to be as powerful. As a result, users also shouldn’t expect the same output as professional treatments.

Are At-Home Light Devices Worth It?

Should you spend money on one? While they’re significantly cheaper than in-clinic sessions, they don’t guarantee the same results so manage your expectations. Once you’re operating with that mindset, you can assess whether you should get one or not.

Like with at-home laser hair removal, light devices may be best used in combination with in-clinic treatments instead. Combining them with other measures to deal with skin issues may be more ideal than relying solely on them.

Before you purchase, make sure about the safety of the device itself. Read reviews and learn more about the technology used. Devices like these are less strictly regulated than other skin care products so you have to know if a product won’t do you harm.

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