Basic Steps In The Body Contouring Procedure

The body contouring procedure is a type of plastic surgery that removes stubborn pockets of fat and skin from many areas of the body. This can be used for lifting sagging buttocks, abdomen and outer thighs, as well as sagging breasts, arms and groin.  Be sure to ask the plastic surgeons at Athenix Body Sculpting about your suitability as a candidate for it first.

Why? There are risks to the procedure even when it is a safe one. You should be aware, for example, about the steps that will be performed by your doctor during the procedure. You may have concerns about one of these steps that may or may not cause your hesitation to go through with it.

Step 1 – The Consultation

This is a relatively straightforward step where you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your suitability as a candidate based on your overall health. You may not be a suitable candidate if you are overweight or obese, or you have been diagnosed with depression, or you have underlying health issues that require appropriate treatment first.

For this reason, your doctor will first conduct a medical examination including a physical check-up, a medical history, and a battery of laboratory tests. You should be ready for these things because the results will determine the success of the procedure.  

Step 2 – The Operation Itself

Keep in mind that while body sculpting is safe procedure, it’s still a plastic surgery procedure where needles and the like are involved. You may or may not be awake during the procedure depending on the area of treatment.

The first step is the administration of the anesthesia. Here, the plastic surgeon will decide whether you will be given general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. You may have a say in it but your doctor will know what’s best in your case.  

The second step is the incision on the area of treatment. Your doctor may make large incisions in the removal of excess fat and skin, which may appear extensive post-operation.

You don’t have to worry about scars marring your toned body because your doctor will choose incision sites that can be hidden. You can discuss where these incisions can be made before the operation, too.

Depending on the treatment areas, you may undergo several body sculpting procedures. This approach is necessary for large areas, such as the abdomen and hips, for safety reasons.  The smaller areas can be done in a single session.

Afterwards, you will be placed in a recovery room until you are well enough to be discharged. You should ideally have somebody drive you home after the operation and assume your household responsibilities until you’re fully recovered.  

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