Bellafill vs. Juvederm: Which is the Better Dermal Filler?

Bellafill vs. Juvederm: Which is the Better Dermal Filler?

There are many reasons why our skin becomes wrinkled. First, there’s aging. Wrinkles are a result of the natural aging process. The skin cells divide more slowly as we age, and the skin’s middle layer called the dermis also starts to thin. The dermis comprises of collagen and elastin fibers, which give the skin elasticity and support. As it loosens and unravels creases are formed in the skin surface.

Another reason for the wrinkles and lines especially in the forehead and between the brows are the small muscle contractions we make unconsciously. Whether we are frowning, smiling, or squinting the repeated movements make these wrinkles become prominent.

Excessive and constant exposure to UV radiation also lead to premature skin aging since it can break down collagen fibers. Finally, there’s smoking. Researchers discovered that smoking reduces collagen production which results in the development of wrinkles.

So what are the usual wrinkle and anti aging treatments available? There are creams, serums and other products you can buy online and in supermarkets. But if you want something that can get rid of wrinkles fast, you might want to consider dermal fillers.

There are a lot of dermal filler products in the market. Among the most popular ones out there are Bellafill and Juvederm. Both are safe and have a strong track record of success. But while they are both great they also have differences.


Bellafill and Juvederm are used as treatment for deep creases and wrinkles. Bellafill is also an FDA-approved treatment for acne scarring correction.


Bellafill’s main ingredient is bovine collagen which provides instant lift and volume. It also has polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres which gives the skin some structural support.

 Juvederm’s contains hyaluronic acid, which when injected underneath the skin, draws water to fill and plump the target area.


Bellafill and Juvederm are in-office treatment, without any downtime. The patient may get some mild after effects like swelling and bruising which will go away after a short period. Bellafill, however may require skin testing since it contains bovine collagen. Juvederm’s effects are reversible.


The effects of Bellafill lasts for up to 5 years which is why it’s considered a semi permanent treatment. Most patients will see noticeable results for 3 years. Juvederm on the other handlasts for 6-12 months.


The cost of both dermal fillers depends on the amount of product that is needed to get the results you want, as well as the doctor who will administer the treatment. However since Juvederm needs to be injected every 6-12 months, it does seem to be more expensive. Bellafill treatments can last 3-5 years on average.

If you are looking for a solution to your wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging, both Juvederm and Bellafill are excellent options. Juvederm is effective and safe, and has been used by countless patients for many years. However, if you want a longer lasting solution to acne scars and deep wrinkles, Bellafill is the practical choice.

Here are the pros and cons of Bellafill:

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