How to Lose Weight in Today’s Times

It’s 7:00 am. You have prepared an ideal breakfast before going to the gym.  You have a glass of milk,  two  slices of   an apple, a toast, and scrambled egg on the table.  Your phone buzzed with a message  that the gym is temporarily closed because of the pandemic which still lurks around us.  You were so frustrated that you couldn’t hardly breathe.

Aside from that disappointing message from the gym, breathing is really difficult because you gained more weight after the holidays and vacation leave for a month.  That was really fun staying at home where food and drinks abound. Eating and drinking was unstoppable. 

It was after the revelry that you found yourself looking for something to wear because everything else on your closet does not fit.  It was just a reminder from Dr. Willie Ong about the ideal weight for women that made you realize that it’s time to go to the gym to exercise, perspire a lot to reduce your weight.  With the pandemic that does not go away, we don’t have any choice but stay at home, eat, sleep, and be merry. 

An article published on the Internet reports that  gaining weight is becoming part of our life (UT Physicians, 2018) because of this pandemic with excessive eating of food and  less mobility.  And this is quite alarming since weight gain leads to more serious illness such as diabetes for one.  According to the article Dr. Horn, an obesity medicine specialist, validates that gaining more weight does not increase the person’s chance to get sick with covid-19, having more weight can pave the way to more serious complications. So we must take actions before obesity overtakes us.  

Many people say that it is easier to gain weight than to lose it.  As such, we have to  do several things in order for us to fight weight gain or obesity.  Since mobility and travel is limited, we can actually do exercises at home that are  true blue effective  for anyone who’s really serious about losing weight.  Some of the  rules on how to reduce weight are: lessen the intake of sugar and carbohydrates. 

Doing so would cause a lower hunger level.  Based on a study conducted in 2020, low carbohydrates intake had benefits for weight reduction (Healthline, 2005-2021). Another way to lose weight is to eat protein, fat, and vegetables. We know that protein coming from lean meat, poultry and other protein sources coupled with vegetables makes strong sans being fat. While eating fat per se is not really bad at all, excessive consumption may trigger weight gain.

Further, we can also reduce weight by moving our body.  That is, doing exercise at home or going to gym occasionally to burn calories with different exercise equipment that are always available.  While inside your abode, you listen to music, move and shake your groove thing.  Everybody will agree that doing exercises would really make us slimmer but physically fit.  When all else fails, there is always a way to address that  nagging problem of being overweight.  Liposuction can do wonders in your life.

There is one good liposuction treatment called ‘Cool Sculpting’.  An online newsletter reports that  this involves the process or procedure called cryolipolysis wherein a roll of fat is placed into 2 panels that cool the fat until frozen (Healthline, 2005-2021).  In short, this is a fat-reduction process and does not need surgery. 

It is also approved by the FDA. What is also cool about Cool Sculptng is that according to the newsletter, its effectiveness reduced the treated layer of fat by as much as 25%.  Moreover, the frozen dead fat cells are excreted out of the body through the liver with several weeks of treatment. So it is like a natural process going on inside the body.  As to the cost of the treatment, covering a small area, the cost ranges from $850 to $1,000.  This is just a bird’s eye view of this particular treatment.

In a nutshell,  we can be healthier amid the pandemic that we are having right now.  We just have to have that resolve to combat weight gain or obesity that could cause more serious illnesses and problems in the future.  We can consider several ways of reducing weight while inside the comfort of our homes or we can also go to the gym for physical fitness. 

Otherwise, liposuction could also be a very good choice if we are busy working from home and there’s no time for us to go to the nearest gym or exercise by ourselves at home.  Either ways, the choices are many and up to you to make that life-changing choice.

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