Lifestyle Lift Cost

Smart Cosmetic Choices: Be Informed with Unbiased Info

By: Julia Khan, prices are regularly updated.

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The Lifestyle Lift cost is among the most affordable in the cosmetic surgery industry. But don’t sign up just yet for a facelift because there are many things that should be considered aside from the affordable price!

The following Lifestyle Lift prices are estimates only.


Lifestyle Lift Mini-Lift

The average cost of the procedure starts at:$6,400.00

The Promise of a Mini-Facelift

Based on articles and press releases, the business model of Lifestyle Lift is more affordable facelifts albeit on a smaller scale, also known as mini-facelifts. The facelifts are performed by doctors who become members – sign up, if you will – of the Lifestyle Lift system, a brand that has established a positive reputation in the competitive cosmetic surgery industry.

Keep in mind, however, that a Lifestyle Lift procedure doesn’t mean “No incisions, stitches and scars” despite the advertisements to the contrary. Instead, there will be incisions and stitches because these are necessary in any facelift procedure, while the scars are a result of the incisions and stitches done.

The Lifestyle Lift mini-facelift keeps the incisions, stitches and scars to a minimum, thus, its appeal among people anxious about these matters. The doctors use a so-called short incision behind the ear in preparation for stretching, so to speak, the skin and achieving the younger look with a smoother skin.

Emphasis must be made that the mini-facelift will not deliver on the same results as a full facelift for obvious reasons. But individuals interested in an affordable surgical method of achieving younger-looking skin will find the Lifestyle Lift mini-facelift a good choice.

After the operation, you will likely have smoother skin with an improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in most areas of your face. Be patient, however, since a mini-facelift and a full facelift will not give immediate noticeable results since there will be swelling, bruising and redness in the treatment areas. These are normal side effects of most cosmetic surgery procedures but these should subside within a few days.

When the swelling, bruising and redness have resolved, your skin will be better for it. You will like that you have a younger appearance and vibe – and all without spending an arm and leg for it!

The Promise of Affordability

The average cost of a Lifestyle Lift mini-lift is around $6,400 and it’s definitely lower than the $11,000 full facelift services by other surgeons. When you consider the $4,000-plus difference, you will understand the popularity of the mini-facelifts among men and women who wanted a more affordable option.

The affordability of the mini-facelift is also one of its selling points, particularly as medical insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage for most, if not all, cosmetic surgery procedures. Facelifts are definitely not covered by medical insurance since these are considered as cosmetic in nature and, thus, its results will have no impact on physical and mental health – at least, not in the way that reconstructive surgery after an illness or injury is considered allowed for coverage.

The high out-of-pocket costs can turn off many people who have a full facelift. Fortunately, the mini-facelifts offered by Lifestyle Lift makes the cosmetic procedure so much more affordable.

But for people who still think that the Lifestyle Lift cost is still outside of their reach, there are also financing options available, such as credit card advances and loans.