What Are The Most Common Cosmetic Procedures?

There’s a certain culture surrounding cosmetic augmentation and enhancement. In South Korea, this is considered a norm. In Western countries, there’s a divide regarding the need for plastic surgery. 

Whatever the reasons may be, plastic surgery exists as a means to correct facial or bodily deformities. For individuals looking to change something in their appearance, you get full support from your surgeons. Here are some of the most common cosmetic enhancement procedures and the beauty standards surrounding it.

1. Breast Augmentation

It is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures for women. The trend for breast augmentation is steadily increasing in Western countries, with more than 300,000 performed in 2018 alone. The choice of material for the procedure hasn’t changed much since the 2000’s.

Although the dangers of using silicon is already made a myth, some still prefer saline implants. Either way, individuals only have to know that the ones performing the breast augmentation surgeries are qualified and more than capable to carry it out. Some individuals will still prefer saline implants and the reasoning behind this is that it is body-safe in case a rupture happens.

The beauty ideal for breast size has varied throughout the ages, with some stereotypes found in film. In the 1920’s, flat chestedness was the rave among women, and this was associated with a higher social status, based on the observation of women in the high courts of Europe. Since Hollywood’s intervention in the 1920’s, busty was the new norm.

2. Breast implant removal and reduction

On the other side of the spectrum, there are women who want to reduce their breast size. Most flat chested women who want to have bigger breasts may find themselves surprised at women who would undergo the surgery. Doctors explain that having too large breasts causes significant back and neck strain, hence the need for a breast reduction.

In older women, removal of breast implants also has the same reason. Due to aging causing a decreasing quality in bone density, the sheer weight of the implants may cause injury in the later stages of life. 

In 2017, a report by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that at least 40,000 women underwent breast implant removal. The number comprises 10% of all women who have decided for breast augmentations in 2018.

3. Buttock Lift

There are other ways to make the buttocks look less saggy, and that is via liposuction. Treatment clinics that employ Coolsculpting and Air Sculpting can help reduce fat and increase the aesthetic appeal of buttocks. 

According to a research done in the Bilkent University in Turkey, men are attracted not to the buttocks, but to the silhouette of women’s bodies. The prominence was actually more important in determining attractiveness. This specific phenomenon in women’s bodies is called vertebral wedging.

So next time if you want to get a buttock lift, maybe try doing squats for more glute size instead?

These are just the top 3 most commonly reported cosmetic surgeries done. Others include facial sculpting procedures, skin tightening, and dermabrasion.

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