Sonobello vs Coolsculpting

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By: Julia Khan, prices are regularly updated.

Liposuction remains to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of procedures done in 2018 was almost 260,000. The President of ASPS says that liposuction is the “gold standard” when it comes to body contouring. 

An increase in the number of people getting liposuction has increased from 5 percent since 2017. This indicates the relevance and the demand for liposuction and other body contouring procedures.
There are several types of liposuction procedures available. In this article, sonobello vs coolsculpting will be compared based on the process, results, pricing, and their pros and cons. Read more below to find out.

What is Sonobello?

Sonobello is a company with the largest number of locations in the US, and currently employs the most number of board-certified doctors. The main service provider for Sonobello is Dr. Thomas Garrison’s Aesthetic Physicians, PC. Dr Garrison’s organization is partnered with several other body contouring clinics but Sonobello has been in partnership with APPC. Customers are assured that they get the best cosmetic procedures from highly-qualified professionals.

Overview of Sonobello Procedures

Sonobello currently offers 4 procedures: Sono Bello TriSculpt, Trisculpt E/X, Lift, and VenusFreeze and VenusLegacy.

What is Sonobello Trisculpt?

The complete name for the procedure is Sonobello Trisculpt Body Contouring. This procedure uses micro-lasers to remove fat. The Trisculpt is done on areas of the stomach, waist, hips, and legs and thighs. Both men and women can get the Sonobello Trisculpt. The Sonobello Trisculpt promises fat reduction in just one treatment.

What is Trisculpt E/X?

Trisculpt E/X is a more intensive, but still non-invasive procedure similar to Trisculpt. It focuses on removing excess skin in the lower abdomen. It’s done post-Trisculpt and servest to tighten sagging lower abdominal skin.

What is Sonobello Lift?

Sonobello’s Facial Rejuvenation is a micro laser treatment to tighten skin and remove wrinkles. It can fix sagging eyebrows, remove laugh lines and crowlines, and reduce double chins.

What is VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy?

VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy are Sonobello’s cellulite reduction treatments. Cellulite is unsightly due to the honeycomb shape it forms with connective tissue. VenusFreeze is a noninvasive procedure to help improve overall body appearance. Focus areas for VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy involve the face and the whole body.

Before and After

Sonobello Trisculpt Before and After


Sonobello Trisculpt E/X Before and After 


Sonobello Lift Before and After


Sonobello VenusFreeze


Sonobello VenusLegacy

How does Sonobello’s Trisculpt work?

The Sonobello Trisculpt process involves three steps:

1. Application of localized anesthesia

During this stage, the patient will be awake and the Sonobello professional applies local anesthesia. This helps them communicate with the Sonobello professional. General anesthesia is not needed, and is in fact, detrimental to the efficiency of the procedure since the Sonobello professional will be asking patients to reposition as needed

The procedure may also involve providing medications to help patients keep calm and relaxed during the whole process.

2. Using power-assisted liposuction

Using small, narrow cannulas, the Sonobello professional will work on major body areas that have the most fat. The process uses modern suctioning technologies to effectively suck out the fat from the problem areas. The microcannulas remove body fat gently so patients will not feel any discomfort at all.

3. Using laser-assisted liposuction

After using a power-assisted micro cannula for liposuction, lasers will be used to smoothen out the areas where the microcannula was applied. The lasers stimulate the cells under the skin to form collagen which will then tighten the surface and give an improved appearance. 

The lasers are tinier than the microcannula and precise enough to target areas under the chin, and more sensitive parts like the upper arms.

How Does Sonobello’s Trisculpt E/X work?

Sonobello’s Trisculpt Works like the Trisculpt with the exception of the last part:

1. Application of localized anesthesia

The patient is left awake for the duration of the procedure. They may receive instructions from the Sonobello professional for the duration of the procedure to help increase efficiency.

2. Using power- and laser-assisted liposuction

Steps 2 and 3 in Trisculpt are combined into one step. Microcannulas will be used to suction out fat from major body areas while the micro-lasers contour the after effects of power-assisted suctioning. 

3. Removing excess skin

Removing fat will leave unoccupied space in the body. The Sonobello professional will then remove excess, sagging skin to improve the appearance of the area that has been treated.

How Does Sonobello Lift work?

Sonobello Lift is a noninvasive, laser-assisted liposuction procedure. It’s somewhat similar to Sonobello Trisculpt and Trisculpt E/X except that there’s no skin puncturing involved and uses only FDA approved micro lasers. The microlaser is used to contour the face to remove double chins, sagging eyebrows, low jowls, vertical necklines near the nape, laughlines, and crow’s feet.

Sonobello doesn’t have specific steps for Sonobello Lift as the treatment is customized per patient.

How Does Sonobello VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy Work?

The VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy are cellulite reduction procedures. Here’s how they do the Venus Legacy at Sonobello:

1. Recline into position.

The Sonobello professional will help the patient lay down on a “deluxe treatment bed.” A numbing and lubricating agent is then applied to the area where cellulite is going to be removed.

2. Using the Venus applicator

The Sonobello professional will use the Venus applicator to spread the lubricating gel using smooth gliding movements. The Venus applicator heats up fat cells under the skin, breaking them down, and tightening the surface of the area.

3. Rest

Once the procedure is over, the Sonobello professional will educate the patient on what happens to the areas that received the Venus legacy treatment. The procedure stimulates the area under the skin to produce collagen and elastin, making it look younger.

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a trademark brand from the company Zeltiq Aesthetics. Zeltiq was founded in 2005 under a different name as well. Mitch Levinson changed the name of the company to the current one known today in 2007. 

Zeltiq Aesthetics invented their cryolipolysis device and branded the process Coolsculpting. Zeltiq Aesthetics coolsculpting involves placing the targeted area of the body between two paddles and holding it in position for at least 30 minutes. The fat cells are cooled below freezing, resulting in numbness that can persist for more than 2 months.

Overview of Coolsculpting Procedures

Coolsculpting has two specific treatments available. Coolsculpting Elite and Cooltone

What is Coolsculpting Elite?

Coolsculpting Elite is a noninvasive procedure that can permanently eliminate at least 20% fat cells in the targeted areas. Coolsculpting Elite targets areas including the neck, under the chin, abdomen, thighs, along bra lines, below the glutes, and upper section of the arms. 

What is Cooltone?

In addition to using cryolipolysis, Cooltone uses AMP technology. Active Magnetic Pulse is used to stimulate muscles to contract, resulting in stronger and firmer muscles. 

Cooltone is used post-cryolipolysis for active recovery. Cooltone targets areas like the abdomen, thighs, and glutes. It’s a noninvasive treatment similar to Coolsculpting Elite.

Before and After

Coolsculpting Results, Chin


Coolsculpting Results, Back Fat


Cooltone Results, Abs


How does Coolsculpting Elite work?

1. Getting ready

The Coolsculpting professional will put a protective barrier called a gel pad between the patient’s skin and the cooling panels. There are two applicators that simultaneously reduce fat in target areas.

2. Letting the Coolsculpting happen.

At this point the patient will initially feel a slight vacuum from the applicators. Throughout the procedure, the patient may experience pulling, pinching, aching, and a variety of sensations that eventually go away once the skin goes numb. 

3. Massage.

Due to the noninvasive nature of Coolsculpting, the professional can let the patient use their phones, talk with relatives, and do other activities. A massage is done after removing the applicators to help break down the cells and speed up fat reduction.

How Does Cooltone work?

Cooltone uses Active Magnetic Pulse that stimulates abdominal muscles to contract. By stimulating contractions, the Cooltone emulates an abdominal workout. The contractions use up available energy and produce localized heat, burning away fat in target areas. 

Other areas that Cooltone can be applied to include the abdomen, buttocks, and thigh muscles. The Cooltone is a noninvasive procedure, and uses only external applicators. The technology is developed by physiologists in collaboration with athletes. 

Where to Get Sonobello Treatments?

Address: click here for locations 

Phone Number: 1-800-995-1136

Email: no email available

How To Set Up An Appointment

Setting up an appointment with Sonobello is easy. They currently have a free consultation upon visiting their website. In the first 30 minutes of free consultation, the doctor will discuss important things to the patient. These include:

  • the patient’s aesthetic goals
  • expectations on the results and recovery
  • billing expectations, including number of sessions involved 
  • an assessment of medical history and existing medical conditions, if any

During the consultation phase, the patient has a chance to ask questions related to the treatment. They will be made aware of all possible risks that come with the treatment.

Since Sonobello treatments are noninvasive, save for power-assisted liposuction that is minimally invasive, the results speak for themselves.

Where to Get Coolsculpting?

Address: Click here for locations

Phone Number: (888) 935-8471, ext 2,1 (Toll Free)

Email: [email protected]

How To Set Up Appointment

The Coolsculpting official website hasn’t set up a dedicated consultation tab yet, but several locations are offering consultation upon walk-ins. Use the locator above to check the nearest branch. The professionals at the selected branch will explain the procedure. Minor paperwork will be involved, and assessments for any or existing medical conditions will be standard procedure. 

Some branches have offered consultation via video chat. The doctor will simply require the patient to upload a photo of the target areas that will undergo Coolsculpting. The Coolsculpting professional will answer questions related to the treatment, expectations about the treatment, including the costs and risks associated.

How much are the procedures for Sonobello?

Here’s the Sonobello price list for 2021

All areas (Abdominal Area, Chest, Extremities, Back, and Neck) are priced similarly at $1395.00. 

Sonobello Lift targets the brows, eyes, mouth, neck, and jawline.

Sonobello VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy have the same pricing for neck and body areas.


Sono Bello Estimates

Sonobello Trisculpt$1395.00
Sonobello Trisculpt E/X$1395.00
Sonobello Lift$2,995.00
Sonobello VenusFreeze and Venus Legacy$2,995.00

How much are the procedures for Coolsculpting?

Prices below are for Coolsculpting Elite.

Coolsculpting TreatmentPrice

Cool Sculpting Estimates

Arms$650 up to $800
Inner Thighs$750.00
Outer Thighs$1500.00
Love Handles$1400.00

Sonobello Treatment


Instantaneous fat removal
Bonus laser treatment at the end of liposuction session
Treatments cover large portions of the body
Lower average cost
Treatment is not contraindicated against persons who have pre-existing conditions
One session solves a large problem area


Microcannula leaves very tiny scars although barely noticeable
Procedure takes longer than Coolsculpting.
There’s extra steps unlike Coolsculpting’s easy application.

Coolsculpting Treatment


Completely noninvasive, no punctures required
Less downtime, faster recovery
Application is fast and easy
No need for anesthetic agents
Procedure is purely external (no needles or any other tools going into your body)
Uses advanced technology


Lower cost at the expense of limited area of treatment
Higher average cost
There are restrictions for some of the procedures (ie. certain medical conditions)


Sonobello uses power-assisted liposuction with microcannulas for their procedures. It still follows the traditional, although refined, method for liposuction. Coolsculpting uses cooling pads to initiate lipolysis, but generally has higher costs. Sonobello has a lower average cost than Coolsculpting. 

Sonobello treatments are not location-specific which make it more cost effective than Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is ideal for individuals looking to get rid of fat in specific areas of the body. Sonobello Trisculpt treatments cover large areas at once. Although it takes some time to complete the procedure, fat removal is guaranteed and at a lower cost.