Body Contouring Recovery: From The Clinic To Your Home

Your willingness to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions for recovery is a must for best results in body sculpting. You have to take time off from your personal and professional obligations for a couple of weeks, if instructed, too. Your plastic surgeon at Athenix Body Sculpting will provide a personalized recovery plan depending on the type of surgery you have undergone.  

The following tips will help you enjoy a faster recovery although we still suggest giving your body time to heal.  

Listen to Your Doctor

When you wake up after your surgery, you will see bandages and/or dressings on your body in places where the surgery was done. This can be on your thigh, for example, for a thigh lift. You may also notice small, thin tubes placed under your skin that will drain excess fluid including blood from the incision area.

You and your caregiver should carefully listen to the recovery instructions. You must ask questions in case you have concerns or clarifications needed. Your doctor will be glad to answer them for you, especially when it’s your first time.

The specific instructions may include but not limited to:

  • Caring for the treated areas including changing their dressings and applying topical medications
  • Taking medications like antibiotics and pain relievers (i.e., dosage)
  • Specific things to be aware about regarding your general health and surgical site (i.e., possible complications)
  • Person to call in case of emergency related to your recovery
  • Schedule for follow-up check-up

You should not be afraid to ask when you can return to your normal activities including sexual intercourse. The more informed you are, the better your recovery can be.  

Recover at Home

Keep in mind that you just underwent a major surgery so it’s always best to take it easy for several days afterwards. You have to ask a family member or a friend to take care of your needs at home for the meantime. You will, after all, not be allowed to strain, lift and even bend for several days to a few weeks depending on the type of surgery.

You shouldn’t sleep for most of the day, however. You will be instructed to get up and walk a little as soon as possible to reduce the risk of DVT, or blood clots in the legs. You should also drink plenty of water for proper hydration and faster recovery.  

Take note, too, that the results of body sculpting will not be visible days after the surgery. You will observe swelling in the incision area but it will soon subside to reveal your new toned look!

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