What Body Sculpting Is And Isn’t

The body sculpting treatments at Athenix Body Sculpting are popular among men and women who want to remove stubborn fats from certain areas of their bodies. But despite such popularity, many prospective candidates for the surgery still have misconceptions about what it is and what it isn’t. These misconceptions, unfortunately, often result in unrealistic expectations and disappointment.

Here then are the things that you should know about body sculpting.

It Is Suitable for Most Areas of the Body

Just as its name implies, body sculpting can be used to make the body appear more toned – or less fatty, if you will. Plastic surgeons use it in the safe and effective removal of excess skin and fat in the lower chin, arms, abdomen, flank, buttocks and thighs.

Patients must discuss with their doctors which parts of their bodies they want the excess skin and fat removed. The areas for treatment will determine the duration of the surgery, the recovery period, and the overall cost, among other factors.  

In many cases, the procedure can take up to 10 hours for all of the body parts although these aren’t carried out in one stretch. This is necessary to reduce the risks of surgery, as well as to provide the patient with sufficient time for recovery.

It Isn’t a Weight Loss Method

Body sculpting isn’t effective in the removal of large amounts of fat from the body. The best ways to lose stubborn fat and to lose weight are through a healthy diet, a moderate exercise program, and sensible lifestyle habits. The latter should include the avoidance of alcohol, recreational drugs, and cigarettes, as well as effective stress management and sufficient sleep.

In fact, every prospective patient will be screened for overall health including the measurement of their body mass index (BMIs). Patients who have high BMIs will be advised to adopt a safe weight loss plan first and then come back for the body sculpting procedure when they have achieved their ideal weight.  

Body sculpting is designed to remove the small pockets of stubborn fat and, thus, to achieve a more toned look. Furthermore, diet and exercise are still a must if you want to maintain the results of the procedure.

The surgical procedure isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing either. Your doctor will formulate a personalized plan that will suit your body’s unique shape and structure, as well as the areas of stubborn fat. Your results should then be according to your own preferences, especially in getting the toned body you want.

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