5 Body Parts that Can Surprisingly Get Fat

It’s frustrating to have excess fat no matter where it is in the body. It’s especially annoying when it goes to certain body parts like the tummy, face, and arms as they’re very noticeable. But did you know that there are lots of unexpected body parts that fats can grow in?

Since fat cells are all over the body, it shouldn’t be surprising that you can get fatty deposits everywhere. Some areas are still quite unexpected as they don’t really seem like spots where you can get flabby.

What are these body parts that can unexpectedly get fatty deposits? Here are six that might shock you:


If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to have chunkier tongues than others, it might be because they have fatty deposits on their tongues. Unfortunately, having a chunky tongue can also bring certain health issues like snoring. It’s also difficult to surgically remove tongue fat so it’s best to avoid having some.


Yes, you read that right: your eyes can also get some fatty deposits. Fat cells are often located between muscles so this shouldn’t be surprising. Older adults are prone to developing fat deposits in the surroundings of their cornea. It won’t affect one’s eyesight, however.


If you’re familiar with the condition known as fatty liver, this will not surprise you. As it turns out, fat cells are often packed around internal organs so it can also easily accumulate on the liver. 


Double chins are expected when a person gains weight but fat necks can also be a thing. They tend to be connected, however, and are rather unsightly. Fortunately, dealing with this issue is simpler than with other areas as there are non-invasive procedures like Sono Bello Lift that can deal with it without too much fuss.


One of the telltale signs of weight gain is the tightening of your clothes on your shoulder area. This is because you also have fat cells in the area. Developing fatty deposits here will make you look more rounded.

Getting Rid of Oddly Placed Fatty Deposits

Unfortunately, getting rid of fat deposits in most of the body parts mentioned above can be quite daunting. Diet and exercise will work but the process can be more arduous, especially if you have other health issues. This is particularly true for the liver and eyes.

As for the other areas, certain procedures are being refined to tailor-fit to the consumers’ needs. As mentioned above, Sono Bello Lift can help with neck fat while Coolsculpting and Vaser Lipo are also continuously being improved to target more body parts. They might be able to work on certain areas like the shoulders but consultation is needed first.

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