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By: Julia Khan, prices are regularly updated.

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For lots of people trying to get the body they want, it’s the final push that can be the trickiest. Some tend to plateau just right when they only need to shave off an inch or two of flab for them to be perfectly happy with their shape. It’s that final hurdle that seems to be impossible to conquer.

This is where Emsculpt prices tend to become very interesting. This procedure promises to tone the muscles that are otherwise very hard to activate with just exercise. With this cutting-edge non-invasive procedure that involves one of the hottest body-shaping tools in the market today, you can already overcome that hurdle without too much fuss.

What is Emsculpt?

There are several interesting ways how Emsculpt is defined. One cosmetic dermatologist described it as something like a “mini MRI machine”. Another initially thought that it was bogus and just too good to be true. However, the science behind the machine holds up, so he now offers it to patients.

But what exactly, really is Emsculpt? In the simplest of terms, it’s a body-shaping machine that is engineered to use magnetic fields to tone muscles and burn some fat. Technically, it uses a high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology that causes the muscles to have 20,000 supramaximal contractions for 30 minutes. 

With this, the muscles are affected at a rate that you can’t do to it with just regular exercise. For example, squats and crunches can activate muscles at 50% every 3-5 seconds. The Emsculpt takes things up a notch by activating the muscles at 100% with a repetition of 20,000 times in a 30-minute period.

This explains why it seems too good to be true for those who aren’t fully acquainted with it yet. Not a lot of other machines can promise the same and then deliver great results. 

What Exactly Does Emsculpt Do?

In the strictest of sense, Emsculpt tones the muscles. With how great it engages the muscles in a persons’ problem area, it is really more for muscle-toning and definition more than anything. It can still burn fat but it’s not primarily for that purpose. Fat burning is more of a by-product of the process, really.

How? Let’s take a closer look at how it works. When the device is strapped into your belly, butt, arm, or calves, it will create intense pulses that will activate the muscles in your problem areas. Due to the high intensity of the machine, the muscles will then realize that they’re being overworked and they have to do something about it. 

They will often react in a manner that will trigger the release of the muscle’s chemicals. By increasing the metabolic rate around the muscle, the fat cells then break down and are released as free fatty acids. With the abundance of fatty acids in one’s system, the fat cells then become overwhelmed. This results in their malfunctioning and death, allowing the body to excrete them as waste.

This, then, means that the muscle that the machine worked on will be better defined due to it being overworked and that the fat around the area will be burned. According to studies, it’s capable of creating up to 16% muscle development in the targeted area after four sessions that were spaced two weeks apart. It also resulted in 15% fat burn.

It’s different from lots of other body-sculpting technologies as it doesn’t deal with fat directly. It will let you kill two birds with one stone instead by helping you further define your muscles and perfect the area you’ve been struggling with.

Is It Worth Your While?

While the Emsculpt is a very promising body-shaping treatment, it’s still important to try to find out if it’s worth your while. The cost for the procedure isn’t cheap. Even if the recommended dose is only four sessions spaced out in between a couple of days, it can still be quite a splurge. So should you jump the gun?

An important point to consider is whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure? Since this is not a fat-burning procedure, it won’t be the optimal treatment for those who want to get rid of large amounts of fat. It’s best for those who are fit but in need of muscle toning and definition. So if you’re a bit of a health and fitness buff that just needs some polishing to get to your desired form, you might want to book an appointment soon.

The great news about Emsculpt is that the FDA cleared it for improving abdominal tone, strengthening the abdominal muscles, developing firmer abdomen, as well as strengthening, firming, and toning buttocks. This guarantees safe use and effectiveness, something not a lot of other technologies and products can claim. 

On top of everything, there’s no downtime involved in Emsculpt and you can see immediate results. If you’re the right candidate for the treatment, you’ll see improvements in the areas it worked on just a day or two after the procedure. You also do not have to sacrifice your regu;ar routine to go through the treatment.