Mega Liposuction For Obese Individuals

People who have issues with their obesity can ask a Smart Lipo plastic surgeon about their suitability as a candidate for mega liposuction. But don’t expect either to be considered a good candidate because your individual risks and rewards will be carefully considered. You must, for example, show a willingness including the determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction.  

Here are a few more important things that you should know about it.

Mega Liposuction Defined

Basically, mega liposuction is similar to standard liposuction in that the same equipment and procedures are used. Both are also useful in weight reduction and body shaping, which contribute to better self-confidence in patients.

But in mega liposuction, more than ten liters of fat can be suctioned off by narrow tubes inserted in incisions made under the skin. These fat deposits can be removed within a few sessions, too.  

Good Candidates for Mega Liposuction

While the operation can kick-start your significant weight loss, you have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen afterwards. Otherwise, you will likely go back to being overweight and, thus, you could have wasted your money.  

There’s also a weight limit for the procedure. In general, mega liposuction can only be performed on overweight patients weighing up to 120 kilos only. If you weigh more than 120 kilos, your doctor may refuse to perform the surgery due to the higher risks of complications.

Tip: You may adopt healthy diet and exercise habits to reach the 120-kilo limit. Your doctor may then favorably consider you for it provided that you also meet the other requirements, such as physical and mental condition.

Note: Mega liposuction can be performed before or after lap band surgery. Your doctor can discuss the pros and cons of each option and we suggest that you carefully consider them.

Emphasis should also be made that the actual amount of fat removed will vary from one individual to the next. You may, for example, see significant results after only 6 liters of fat has been removed and your doctor will not perform more fat extractions.  You may also undergo two operations until the optimum number of fat cells has been removed.

You should also ensure that you have sufficient time for recovery (i.e., downtime) between procedures and after the last operation. You have to take time off work as well as ask for assistance with your post-operative care and household chores for a week or two, perhaps more depending on your recovery rate.  

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