Most Popular Target Areas for Liposuction

Despite popular belief, it’s not really possible for people to exercise to burn off the fat in a specific, targeted body area. The body just doesn’t burn off fat that way. Even if you focus your workout on your arms to get rid of the slab of fat there, your body may just burn off fat from your waist instead.

That’s one of the advantages of liposuction. You can specify the body fat where you want to get rid of the fat. Liposuction is often the last resort after years of trying to deal with stubborn body fat that just won’t come off.

Here are the most common areas for liposuction that patients have targeted over the years:

The Waist Area

This is generally the first area that people think about losing fat from, because it’s one of the most common areas where fat accumulates when you’re overweight. This area includes the abdomen, along with the hips and flanks.

For the abdomen, liposuction can give you a tighter and more toned stomach much more effectively than workouts. The results are often quite significant, and many patients are pleased by the outcome.

However, the doctor will have to closely examine the area to determine whether liposuction is the best procedure, or if a “tummy tuck” is a better alternative. A tummy tuck is more intensive than a liposuction procedure, which only involves removing excess fat. The tummy tuck usually also includes muscle reconstruction in the abdomen, along with excess skin removal.

Liposuction is also great for the fat in the hips and flanks, as most people find the fat in these areas difficult to burn off. Also, the skin in these areas is very elastic, so there’s usually no need for excess skin removal.

The Back

This is one area which both men and women tend to target. The back rolls of fat can also be quite difficult to remove through diet and exercise alone. The fat repositories in these areas can also make it difficult for you to fit into your clothes. With liposuction, you’re able to get rid of the fat more efficiently. The skin on the back is also very thick, making the area more suitable for liposuction.

The Thighs

This is a very popular target area for women, although some men ask for it too. Usually, patients ask for liposuction for this area when the thighs are touching when the patient is standing. The patients feel better about their looks when the thighs are distinctly not touch each other when they’re standing up. That’ll happen when the excess fat from the thigh is removed via liposuction.

In some cases, the doctor may simply remove a small amount of fat from the thigh. This may be enough to result in the thigh curve the patient is looking for.

The Arms

This is a common target area for older patients, who are more likely to have extra fat in the arms. Even toning the muscles in the arms through regular weightlifting may not help if there is too much fat in the area. Liposuction can get rid of the excess fat there so that the arm muscles are more defined.

In general, liposuction alone is enough to tone up the arms. But in some cases, an arm lift may also be performed to make sure there’s no resulting visible excess skin that may not look as good.

The Chest Area

It may surprise you that more men actually request for liposuction in the chest area. That’s because with men, fat in the chest area can lead to the dreaded “man-boobs” which can be very difficult to endure. There are only so many jokes regarding bras that men can take before they take the liposuction plunge.

Men of all ages can get man-boobs, though it’s more of a problem for older men. Men tend to lose muscle mass in the chest area as they get older, leading to excess fat and skin.

Final Words

There are other alternative procedures to liposuction that may target other areas as well. These alternatives may not even involve surgery, as they may also require injections of medication on the target areas.

Belkyra is a good example, as it targets double chins. It is only designed to get rid of the fat under the chin, and it’s not meant for the fat in other parts of the body.

To make sure you get the best possible treatment for the specific body area you want to target, make sure you discuss the matter fully with your doctor. Liposuction surgery may not be your best option, if an injection of medicine will work just as effectively!

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