Step by Step Guide to Liposuction

The fist step is to check price tag. So look up Ahenix body sculpting cost if that is what you are interested in. You should also conduct research about the liposuction process, the different types, risks, recovery time and so on, so you’ll have a better understanding and know what questions to ask the surgeon.

Find a Certified Surgeon

Make certain the surgeon is board certified and has experience in liposuction. Check the facility and ensure that it is properly equipped for such an operation. If you can talk to patients that have been treated in facility, do so.

Set up an Appointment

After you find a specialist, call the office and schedule an appointment. Just get time and date and try to get there early in case the surgeon has many patients. Do not ask the receptionist / secretary for details about the operation. Reserve those questions for the surgeon.

The Consultation

Explain to the surgeon why you want to have liposuction, your goals and expectations. Ask questions about the surgery, side effects, risks, what will happen, if you will be under anesthesia, etc.

You should also provide the surgeon with your medical history and any medications that you’re taking. Don’t agree to the surgery until all of your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

Set the Date

if you agree to have the surgery, set a date. Your surgeon will suggest a date based on your health condition and you should follow it.

Prepare for the Operation

Some medical tests will be performed to determine your fitness. A CBC (complete blood count) is mandatory but other examinations may be done.  

After the exams are complete, purchase the supplies you’ll need during and after the liposuction. This includes cream for the bruises, body wipes, towels, extra clothes, compression garments, bacterial soap etc. The surgeon will provide a list of the supplies so get them before checking in the facility.

Checking in the Facility

Have someone accompany you during the process. Even if the procedure is safe it is better to have a friend to help you.

Get Rest

The surgery may take half an hour or a couple of hours. Either way when the surgery is over you’ll be given advice on how to rest. You’ll also be given some medications too.


As you’re recovering, feel free to take a leisurely strolls the first couple of days. After a month or two, you can start doing some light workouts.

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