Things To Remember Before Liposuction

They say that the success of any venture is attributed to allocating 95% of our effort to planning and only leaving 5% to execution.

When everything is well planned, there is less need to supervise or worry about possible problems because it has been covered already in the planning stage.

Liposuction just like any other surgery requires detailed planning too and a list of things to double check and accomplish.

Here are a few things you should be taking note of while preparing yourself prior to surgery

Tell your doctor everything

Your plastic surgeon will be needing your complete medical history to prepare against your unique risk factors and avoid unnecessary complications.

Be prepared to answer questions about your health status, medical history, and previous surgical experience. 

Make sure you answer honestly and provide as much detail as you can. Omission of any important detail could mean life and death so you must never do it.

Being open and honest will ensure that your doctor can deliver your desired results safely and effectively.

Take note of medications you should avoid weeks before your surgery

There are certain food supplements, medications and even a list of vitamins which can increase post surgical complications like slow healing, high blood pressure and excessive bleeding to name a few. 

Make sure to follow your doctor when they give you a list of what to avoid or stop taking two weeks prior to your surgery.

Among those included on the list of items to be removed are aspirin, ibuprofen, some non steroidal inflammatory drugs, nutritional supplements, vitamin E, some birth control medications and herbal supplements.

Quit Smoking

Smoking reduces blood flow in your circulatory system and weakens immunity. This means it can restrict your body’s capacity to heal itself during your critical post-surgical recovery period. You can suffer from serious risky complications like delayed healing and excessive bleeding. 

Be sure to quit smoking at least a month before and after  your surgery.

Avoid trying to lose or gain weight prior to your surgery

Avoid elimination diet, crash diet and other drastic moves just to lose weight because if you do this, you will be more at risk of weight gain after surgery and it will be dangerous to your health.

Not only that. It is also not advisable because doing so will make you malnourished and weak and it is not good for anyone who is about to go under operation.

Trying to gain weight before surgery is also discouraged because sudden changes can negatively affect the result of the operation.

  • Things you should not be doing on the day of your surgery
  • Do not shave

Shaving can lead to infection after surgery because of the sudden appearance of ingrown hairs. Do not shave areas around your surgical site on the day of your surgery.

Do not wear tight clothing

You may be unable to wear the same clothes on your way home because you are still recuperating.

Also, you need to be as comfortable as possible.

Do not drive yourself to the clinic

Have someone else drive you to the clinic because it will be physically impossible to drive back home by yourself. Also you should not be tired from driving before your surgery.

What to eat before surgery

Make sure your diet consists of the following:

  • Iron helps in the production of red blood cells and it prevents fatigue and iron-deficiency

Do not drink too much coffee and tea before your surgery as it can hinder your body’s ability for iron absorption which you will be needing for recovery.

  • Vitamin C enhances iron absorption. It accelerates the healing process as it is an antioxidant and plays a significant role in eliminating toxins.

 It combats infections and allergies. Vitamin C is a potent nutrient to accelerate the healing process. You will be needing this the most during and after your surgery.

  • Zinc aids in healing internal and external wounds and promotes the process of growth and repair of tissues after surgery and it will improve mental alertness making you remember easily what you need to do.
  • B-Complex helps in promoting tissue repair. These B vitamins are a great way to ensure that your nervous system functions optimally also helping in pain relief. 

The b12 vitamins can also help you avoid feelings of anxiety and depression.  It aids in circulation of the nervous system functioning normally, as natural pain relief.  

B vitamins increase blood circulation and hinder water retention.  Other important vitamins and minerals you will need to heal quickly are as follows:

Vitamin A, Niacin, folic acid, Vitamin D are also important as well as minerals like calcium, copper, fluoride, iodine, selenium, phosphorus and potassium. 

When you have got all these details covered, it will not matter if you are about to undergo SMART LIPO or VASER LIPO. It will be successful because the process is well planned.

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