What Are the Natural Sources of Hyaluronic Acid?

There is one nutrient that is making it a lot in health journals lately because of its natural great effects on the body which have not been noticed by many of those who are not in the know for the longest time.

When it comes to skin care, people look into eating foods which are high in antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin E to help improve the skin’s complexion. 

Very few people have looked into hyaluronic acid not until today when treatments like Juvederm have been making it in the headlines because of its effectiveness.

Hyaluronic acid is a nutrient people might not be as familiar with but have been doing wonders for the skin if maintained in adequate or ideal levels.

Hyaluronic acid is a compound that is naturally produced by the body. It is responsible for keeping parts of the body lubricated and retaining moisture. 

It has been said that it can improve cell-to-cell interaction and help the body produce and promote collagen synthesis. This process helps prevent wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture.

The body normally makes its own hyaluronic acid, but as the body ages, its natural production diminishes. 

Whether applied topically, injected as a dermal filler for added volume on the skin or derived from natural sources. It can greatly benefit whoever in whatever way they choose to source it.

Anyone who wants to smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may want to increase their levels of hyaluronic acid.

The best way had always been the easiest –  to include it in the daily intake is the most natural way to source this.

There are a lot of food choices that contain high amounts of this compound and some help increase its production

Here is what people should be eating to keep their skin supple and smooth, and their joints healthy.

The following are natural sources of hyaluronic acid:

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables help flush out toxins from the body. They leave the skin with essential nutrients to keep it soft and glowing.

Eating greens and vegetable juicing more often will deliver some hyaluronic acid to the body in a natural way.

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps with hyaluronic acid production in the body. They are often found in avocado, nuts, fruits and seeds and the good news is salads are also loaded with all these ingredients.

Loading up with leafy greens is a great way to boost magnesium levels all while getting other nutrients you can also find in vegetables.

Citrus Fruits

You can never go wrong when you consume huge amounts of grapefruits, oranges, bananas and tomatoes because they all contain naringenin.

Naringenin is an ingredient that inhibits the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Aside from being good for the overall health, having this ingredient helps in naturally delivering the body with hyaluronic acid. 

This will keep the skin looking soft, supple and youthful.

Eating grapefruits for breakfast and snacking on oranges and grape tomatoes on day time will keep the skin glowing in as fast as three weeks.


Adding soy products in meals like tofu or stir-fry soy chunks can raise hyaluronic acid content in the body. 

Foods like tofu, tempeh, edamame and other soy products contain estrogen. Estrogen helps in the production of hyaluronic acid in the body.

When mixed with salad or eaten as a snack, aside from being a fantastic source of plant-based complete proteins, and being full of vitamins, minerals and filling, they are a good source of estrogen which is good for the skin.

Bone Broth

Bone broth, being made from a lot of animal parts have some immeasurable benefits. 

Bones which have been simmered in water over a period of 24 hours leaches nutrients. These nutrients include hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid from the bones is being added to the water in this process. This is why including bone broth in the diet is one of the best ways to get a natural dose of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. 

Bone broth is best made after slow cooking chicken, beef or any other meat along with animal products like chicken combs and cartilage for up to 24 hours so that nutrients contained in the bones including hyaluronic acid, are released into the broth.

It was said that it can be tough to get direct sources of hyaluronic acid from other sources but one can get it easily from bone broth.


Aside from being a great sources of vitamins and minerals which are great for the body such as potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin C; starchier root vegetables which includes potatoes, sweet potatoes and other tubers such as jicama or turnips, carrots, and onions; also help increase the production of hyaluronic acid and are a rich source of it as well.

If these root vegetables are consumed on a regular basis it will help the body produce natural hyaluronic acid to keep the skin soft and supple all while having the other health benefits which can be derived from it.

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