What Do Celebrities Say About Their Liposuction?

At an age and time where non invasive methods can be used to remove fat, just like Smart Lipo that uses laser and really small cannulas, of course it is always celebrities who are among the first to try these since they are the ones the society requires that they look perfect.

So what do these celebrities have to say about their liposuction?

Kyle Richards

Kyle says she wanted to wear jeans and a tucked-in shirt and not feel self-conscious and that after having four kids, the love handles wouldn’t go away no matter what exercise she did

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star was very vocal about being very happy with the results at the “Secrets Revealed” special in aired in 2013.

After her surgery, Richards used a noninvasive solution for fat reduction that uses laser-based technology that selectively target fat cells, to maintain her results.

Clay Aiken

The American Idol alumni had gotten liposuction in his chin while undergoing a procedure to treat symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ last 2012.

Clay had operative surgery on his jaw as part of the treatment for TMJ, and he had the doctor suck the fat out of his chin while they were in there. He told this story during his visit to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

The Jersey Shore star decided to get liposuction in order to maintain his famous six-pack abs. The four-and-a-half-hour procedure last 2019  was documented during an episode of The Doctors.

His doctor did a laser high-definition liposuction of his abdomen and that they are going to be able to get that area in between his abs completely defined so that he is going to have a six-pack for many years. They said that what was done to Ronnie wasn’t available 10 years ago.

Dolores Catania

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star underwent liposuction in order to tone her figure after losing weight. 

The procedure included a tummy tuck and fat transfer to her buttocks as part of the “tune-up.”

Dolores said that shr is an advocate of doing whatever makes one feel good and she also thinks it’s only fair for her to be open about the doctors she went to, because of the research she had done and the results she had gotten.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen had gotten liposuction to remove unwanted fat from her armpits. She admitted to having her armpit “sucked out” at an event back in 2017.

According to the model who also recently underwent breast implant removal surgery, the liposuction added two inches of length to her arms and that the fat is coming back so she might need to go in and pay for it again.

After two years, her armpits were in the headlines once again after she revealed that she had gotten Botox injected into them and that it was the best move she have ever made and that she can wear silk again without soaking.

Heidi Montag 

The Hills star had liposuction procedure on her waist, hips, and thighs in 2010. She was only 23.

Aside from this, she also underwent nine other surgeries, including a brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin reduction, breast augmentation, and butt augmentation, all in the same visit.

She has described her decision to get so many surgeries at once as “hitting rock bottom.”

She says that she does not feel she had been prepared enough for this and that maybe she should have known, but how can one know, when the doctor is saying “It’s just a little of this, it’s just a little of that?”. She said it really becomes a lot.

She revealed all this in an interview with ABC News the same year.

Cardi B

The rapper had gotten liposuction to remove unwanted body fat during her 2019 Beale Street Music Festival performance.

She even told concertgoers that she shouldn’t really be performing and that she should have canceled the performance because moving too much is gonna damage her lipo.

Before getting liposuction, Cardi had undergone a second breast augmentation shortly after welcoming her daughter, Kulture. She said she  just got her boobs redone in an interview with Entertainment Tonight and that it feels good but sometimes she feels like her skin is stretched out. She apparently has been honest about getting dangerous basement butt injections.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight months after her procedure, she says she want to explain to people how hard the process is and that she feels that people look at girls on Instagram thinking it was so easy to get lipo done.

She emphasized that it is such a long, hard process, almost like the same process as after one had given birth to a baby and then one will see their body change and snapping it back.

Kim Kardashian

It was said that reality TV star Kim Kardashian defied her husband’s request against going under the knife after the highly publicized pregnancy with her first child. Her instant 17-pound weight loss was said to be due to liposuction treatments.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Wrestler-turned-Hollywood-star said he had a gynecomastia surgery done on his chest because it had gotten too big for his body after his wrestling days. He underwent liposuction procedure in 2005.

Jamie Lee Curtis

57-year-old Freaky Friday star, Jamie had liposuction and Botox after having blepharoplasty during her early years.

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