Are You Ready for Your Vaser Lipo Appointment?

Vaser Lipo isn’t something that you can choose from a menu, undergo the procedure and walk away like you’ve ordered hamburger, fries a soda from McDonald’s. Like cosmetic procedures, it has risks and rewards that should be carefully weighed before the decision to undergo it or not can be made. With that in mind, here are a few things that will help you determine whether you’re ready for it or not.  

Know Its Limitations First 

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, a specialized ultrasound technology that can break down stubborn fat cells through ultrasonic frequency waves. When the targeted fat cells are broken down, these are removed via liposuction techniques. 

The technologies used in Vaser Lipo means that there are limitations as to what it can and cannot be used for.  Keep in mind that it’s a purely cosmetic procedure and, as such, it isn’t considered a weight loss program per se. In fact, patients must be within their target weight and must be willing to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to be considered as suitable candidates. 

While it’s typically used to remove excess fat around the waist, thighs and hips, it isn’t a procedure for removing visceral fat wrapped around your internal organs. The presence of visceral fat increases the risk of chronic degenerative diseases like fatty liver, diabetes and even cancer.  

Are you ready mentally for these limitations? You may think that Vaser Lipo is the answer to your weight and body acceptance issues but it isn’t! You have to realize that it’s just a tool and the answer lies within you.  

Know the Risks

There’s also the risks of complications during and after the procedure. Bleeding, bruises and discomfort are a few of the common complications that come with Vaser Lipo. 

You will likely be in discomfort or in pain for the next few days after the procedure. You will be required to take about 4 to 7 days off work to allow your body to heal, not to mention that you won’t be able to move so well anyway. You also have to wear a compression garment for the next six weeks and undergo systematic lymphatic drainage massage in the first two weeks. 

Are you ready for these physical limitations? If you live alone, you may want to change your routine or hire a cleaning maid or ask a friend over for assistance while you’re in the healing stage.  

Know the Financial Commitment 

Vaser Lipo isn’t cheap regardless of your intense desire for it. Everything about it will cost money, from the doctor’s consultations and actual procedure to the post-operation medications and consultations. There will also be costs for the downtime and the opportunities lost for socializing with friends. 

You have to ask yourself whether you’re actually ready for these costs. Keep in mind that the costs will not be covered by medical insurance and with costs running upwards of $5,000 your wallet will take a hit.  

Are you ready for it? If you aren’t because you’re using your credit card or asking family and friends for loans, then you should rethink your decision or postpone it until you have the money.  

In the end, a cosmetic surgeon will always be ready to perform the procedure. The bigger question here is, “Are you ready in the physical, mental and financial sense?” 

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