CoolSculpting vs. Warm Sculpting

CoolSculpting vs. Warm Sculpting

If you’re in search of a non-surgical treatment to remove fat, you’ve probably come across CoolSculpting and Warm-Sculpting in your research.

Both treatments are similar in some ways – they reduce stubborn fat in certain areas in the body. They work best for those with a healthy lifestyle, are generally fit and only have pockets of fat such as in the belly or thigh that won’t go away.

Cold and heat destroy fat cells. However, the changes in temperature are not so extreme as to affect other cells. Cool and Warm Sculpting procedures are approved by the FDA, and both do not require any needles, anesthesia or downtime.

CoolSculpting and Warm Sculpting pretty much treat the same areas, relying on the lymphatic system to eliminate the fat cells. Patients will usually get the final results in 90 days. So, which one is the better option?

Warm Sculpting

WarmSculpting fixes some of the main issues that are associated with CoolSculpting. For one it uses hyperthermic lasers to destroy fat cells. The laser’s heat works with your body’s natural heat leading to beautiful results like smooth contouring. Each treatment involves four applicators so you can get a very customized outcome.

A single treatment removes an average of 24% of fat cells. Warm Sculpting heats the fat cells to as much as 116°F liquefying them. It’s a very versatile treatment that target various areas at the same time.

As the laser heats the fat cells it also stimulates collagen production. So you won’t have to deal with sagging skin, but instead get lifted and firmer skin in the treated areas. It takes less than half an hour per treatment.

As for side effects, you may notice slight redness for an hour or so. There will also be slight soreness for a week. During the procedure you might experience mild cramping or discomfort.


There are many ways that both CoolSculpting and Warm Sculpting are the same, but they are also different in some ways. CoolSculpting, as reported by some patients, can be painful. Those with sensitive skin as well as people with thicker fat deposits may experience more pain than others.

A single CoolSculpting applicator suctions fat tissues between two cooling plates which are cooled to a temperature of 39°F so the cells turn into “ice crystals” which is then eliminated out of the body. Research shows a 23% reduction of fat cells.

A warming massage is then done briefly to break up the fat cells. Duration of treatment is around 35 minutes. The good news is that 73% of patients are satisfied with the results they get. CoolSculpting side effects include redness, tenderness, bruising, and mild swelling.

Final Thoughts

Both treatments destroy subcutaneous fat cells. Warm Sculpting uses heat and CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures. Both are also FDA-approved and are considered much safer alternatives to liposuction.

Warm Sculpting however uses 4 applicators and requires a shorter treatment time. CoolSculpting uses a single applicator which means it only targets one localized area. Warm Sculpting does not require tugging and pulling, and avoids numbness and bruising. CoolSculpting may require these and it is also limited to pinchable fat areas that can be vacuumed.

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