Everything You Should Know About 4D Body Contouring

Everything You Should Know About 4D Body Contouring

So you have been working out for months, doing endless hours of strength training and cardio exercises but still you’re not able to achieve the body you want. Blame it on your genes. Some of us are more predisposed to belly fat than others which is why rock hard abs are nowhere to be found. Well, if this is something you’re dealing with, don’t despair because there’s 4D body sculpting.

Also known as 4D body contouring, this procedure combines modern technologies to eliminate unwanted body fat in the torso so the muscle underneath which you’ve been working so hard to build will show. Most clinics use VASER Lipo to break down fat deposits and then take them out selectively.

It’s a liposuction technique that uses ultrasound technology, and it’s most ideal for sculpting the abs. It’s more or less similar to regular VASER except that a specialized cannula is used to reduce fat surrounding the ab muscles in a more accurate way so sculpting can take place.

But let’s set one thing clear – this technique does not create abs. But instead, it reveals or accentuates your natural muscle tone by removing fat layers that have covered your abs.

This technique removes fat in a more accurate or precise manner compared to the traditional liposuction techniques which makes it suitable for purification and re-injection. Fat injections can help accentuate a chiseled look by contouring the body.

Better for Ab Sculpting

With traditional lipo, your surgeon can reduce or remove unwanted pockets of fat and enhance the overall shape of the body. However, it isn’t accurate enough to enhance muscle tone. On the other hand, 4D body contouring enables surgeons to achieve precision and better control in fat removal.

It’s worth noting that the surgeon’s skill in performing the 4D body contouring is very important. It requires in-depth and specialized training. Remember that not every doctor who does liposuction can do 4D body contouring.

4D Sculpting vs Abdominal Etching

Both procedures have the same goals, but they differ in their approach to the removal of fat. The former uses Vaser Lipo to showcases your natural abs while the latter uses liposuction along certain muscles to create definition. Abdominal etching results in what’s often considered as fake-looking abs especially if performed by a less experienced surgeon.

Who’s a Good Candidate for 4D Sculpting?

This is a very specialized procedure so if you meet the following requirements, you are a very suitable candidate for 4D sculpting:

  • You are fit and healthy. This procedure is ideal for patients who have good muscle tone.
  • You have sufficient skin elasticity. This procedure sculpts your body shape in detail, and to get optimal results your skin needs to contract well.
  • You are within 15 lbs of your ideal body weight. This is not a weight loss surgery and so it will not be effective for patients who are overweight.
  • You don’t smoke. Nicotine heightens the risk of surgery-related complications and slows down the healing process.

While 4D body contouring won’t lead to any significant weight loss, it will help you look so much better especially in the abdominal area.

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