How Smoking Can Ruin Your Liposuction

The average Lifestyle lift cost is more competitive than it has ever been. But still you shouldn’t let it go to waste by smoking. We all know that smoking brings no health benefits, but if you need one more reason to quit, cigarettes and cigars can slow down liposuction healing process.

Slows the Healing Process

Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that gets in your blood. Oxygen is necessary for you to perform your daily functions. A depleted supply weakens your body and slows down the healing process.

Liposuction only takes a few weeks to heal, but a low oxygen supply means your body will take longer to recover from the surgical wounds. Prolonged recovery time is dangerous for surgery because it could cause tissue death due to lack of oxygen.  

When is the Time to Quit Smoking After Surgery?

The best time is as soon as possible and never to pick up the habit again. If you can’t do that the next best thing is to quit 2 weeks before the surgery. If you have to pick up the habit again, wait at least 2 weeks after the surgery.

Why Quitting is Important

But if you ask your surgeon they’ll tell you that it’s better to quit for several reasons. Aside from the reasons cite above, you’ll also be susceptible to coughing. Frequent coughs may cause pain and induce bleeding in the operated parts.

Because your body has a limited supply of oxygen the healing process will take longer, plus it also increases the possibility you’ll develop infection. The more infections you develop, the longer the recovery process will be.

Smoking also increases the possibility of cell and skin death. Either of the two will hinder your progress and could lead to large scars developing. Those scars could spread and require additional surgery and undo the work that’s been already done.

Benefits of Quitting

Doctors and researchers have determined that quitting is the single most effective step you can take. It speeds up the recovery and you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of liposuction. You will recover faster and go back to your regular day to day activities.


With Athenix body sculpting cost and other services now within reach, going under the knife is a realistic option for getting rid of unwanted fat. Healing doesn’t take long either provided you don’t smoke, so don’t.

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