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Did you know that according to a WHO newsletter article published on the Internet that “worldwide obesity has almost tripled in number since 1976 (WHO newsletter, 2021)?” In the same article, it was reported that in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight.  With the said figure, over 650 million were obese (WHO newsletter, 2021).

We all know that obesity or being overweight has its own bad  consequences when we talk about health.  Obesity as who defined it in the same article is “an   abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.” In other words, if one is overweight it is more possible for one to get sick  easily and when we look at the statistics, most of the obese are adults.  Why is that?  Admittedly, adults already on  their right track of mind and they can choose which is good for them. Given this alarming situation,  we can surmise that aside from the lack of interest    to practice a healthy lifestyle, there are other  factors that contribute to this disturbing situation which has not been given more attention up to this time.

On the brighter side of things, when we think of obesity, we can really control our weight if only we focus on this problem. We are always bombarded with so much information on how to have an ideal weight if given the chance.  Exercises, control of food intake especially sugar and carbs are very helpful to reduce weight.  Busyness at work is usually the main reason why we could not attain some of our health goals.  But there are alternatives to going to the gym to exercise.  If time does not allow us, we can always turn to liposuction to get rid of those unwanted fats in our that have accumulated since holiday revelry of eating and drinking. As a matter of fact, great news on liposuction is showing positive response to liposuction.   Based on the data gathered from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ((ASPS) that was published on the Internet,  there are nearly a quarter million more cosmetic procedures done in 2018 than the previous year (Medical Express, 2011-2021). This is a promising result for liposuction treatment.  Moreover, another report published on the internet reveals a 29% increase in plastic surgery since 2000 (News-Medical.net, 2000-2021). Women have the so-called  “Mommy Makeover.” while men have the Daddy Do-over” to gain more confidence and enhance their physical appearance.

To name some of those liposuction treatments, one of them is the Smart Lipo.  This  is a novel treatment to remove excess body fat while at the same time tightens the old skin.  A certified surgeon does the procedure using a medical grade laser equipment and a tiny tube which is to be inserted into a vein or body cavity. The Smart Lipo treatment costs are estimated and based on the areas to be covered by the procedure.  For example, for neck, chin, and jowls the estimated cost is $3,000.  What is also interesting about Smart Lipo is that its benefits outweigh its cost.  Consider these wonderful benefits of the treatment.  The procedure will only need fewer cuts on the skin or flesh compared to the traditional procedure of lipo such that Smart lipo will only leave fewer scars on the skin therefore, recovery time is shorter.  It also promotes better physical appearance with  smaller body and finer skin due to its dual effects  – getting rid of the fat and cellulite while at the same time compressing the skin.  Another modern lipo treatment  is the Athenix Body Sculpting wherein it uses the latest technology to get rid of excess or unwanted fats from the target areas.  This treatment, also called Vaser Liposuction, uses ultrasound to disperse excess fat  after which is eliminated through tiny tubes or cannulas.  The procedure causes little swelling which appears when the procedure is done.  The change in the body appears after a few days, curves are prominent and skin is finer.  For the price of the treatment, it is highly suggested that inquiries about those included and excluded in the price. 

These days, almost everything that we can wish for is just a step away. We only have to wish and make it happen.

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