Prepping For Your Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring Procedure

Successful weight loss is a noteworthy personal achievement in itself. But with significant weight loss also has its own set of issues particularly stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin, usually in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Fortunately, there are several body contouring services offered at Athenix Body Sculpting like liposuction, a safe and effective technique in the permanent removal of unwanted fat in targeted areas.

Keep in mind that liposuction is a surgical procedure and, thus, being prepared for it on the physical and mental aspects is a must. If you find yourself in a clinic where the doctor says that there’s little to no preparation on your part, you may want to walk out the door and search for a reliable doctor; again, check with Athenix.

Always Ask Questions

The adage about keeping your mouth shut so as not to reveal that you’re an ignorant person where a particular matter is concerned doesn’t apply to liposuction. You should always ask the cosmetic surgeon as many questions as you can think of – what the procedure requires, what happens during the operation, and what to expect afterwards, among others. You must also check that, indeed, the doctor is fully trained and licensed to perform liposuction – check his or her credentials always.  

And with the Internet, there’s no excuse not to learn more about liposuction, both from the perspective of doctors and patients.  

Get to Your Near-ideal Weight

We can’t emphasize this enough – liposuction isn’t a solution for weight loss because it’s a technique for fat removal in localized areas only. If you aren’t at your ideal weight, or as near to it as possible, then your doctor will refuse to perform the operation. You have to lose weight before the operation and maintain your target weight afterwards to enjoy the best results.  

This is also true when you’re undergoing body contouring procedures like tummy tuck and face lift although in a reverse manner. If you continue losing weight after a tummy tuck, for example, you may have more visible sagging skin.  

Prepare Your Mind and Body

Liposuction requires sufficient rest for a full recovery, a period when adjustments have to be made in your mind and body. For one thing, you have to establish healthy habits that will ensure keeping your target weight, such as a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle program. You have to eat a balanced diet, engage in regular exercise, and quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking recreational drugs.  

For another thing, you have to be prepared for the lifetime commitment of maintaining your results. This isn’t about being vain but more about getting the best value for your money.  

And remember to keep your eyes on the prize and your attention on your results.

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