Proper Methods of Measuring Your Penis

One of the problems that resulted in the alarming popularity of online porn is that more and more men have become dissatisfied with the size of their penis. In ancient times, penis size really wasn’t all that important. You only have to check the old sculptures of famous naked warriors to realize this. 

But in today’s world, too many men compare the size of the penis with the admittedly super-sized organs of famous male porn stars. And quite a few men worry that their penis may not be up to par. They worry that if a woman sees their penis, she’d laugh. After all, women watch porn as well, and they may expect the same kind of penis they see in the online videos. 

If you’re worried about your penis size, you should at least check whether you actually have something to worry about. That starts with measuring your penis, and it’s not as simple as it seems. You have to measure your penis properly

Measuring the Flaccid Length

Let’s start with how long your penis is when it’s on standby mode. After all, you may be worried that women may be checking you out with your tight jeans, and may find you lacking. 

Start by undressing in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom, and then measure your penis right away. You have to do this immediately, because a warm or cold room may affect the actual length of your flaccid penis. 

You’ll need a ruler for this. Set the end of the ruler (gently, please) against the meeting point of the penis shaft and the abdomen. Bend the ruler along the length of the shaft and check out the measurement. 

How long is it? The average flaccid penile length (according to studies conducted in the US and Australia) revealed that it is 3.43 inches long. If you’re at least 3 inches long when soft (or even a little less), then you don’t really have anything to worry about. 

Measuring the Erect Length

If you think that your flaccid size is somewhat impressive, it’s a different matter when you’re erect. Most men prefer to show off their penises to their partners when they’re already erect, just to minimize the risk of getting laughed at. Clearly, erect penises are larger. 

To measure this, you obviously need an erection first. Porn helps, though your partner can help as well. Again, measure the penis right away, setting the ruler on the meeting point of the shaft and abdomen. To clarify, you should set the ruler on the top side of the penis (the side farthest from your testicles). 

Look where the tip if your erection sets against the ruler measurement. How long is it? Contrary to popular belief, the average length of an erect penis is not 6 inches. It’s actually 5.03 inches. That’s basically a full inch smaller than what you might have been aiming for. 

In fact, it’s been found that 90% of men have a penis length ranging from 4 to 6.3 inches. This range is therefore the real average. If you’re within this range, then you’re actually just one of the regular guys. You have nothing to worry about. 

What About Girth? 

Some women have said on record that it’s not about length, but the girth. To measure your own, you’ll need a tape measure. Maintain your erection and measure. The average is 5.14 inches around the penis. 

If you don’t measure up, you don’t really have to feel bad. Plenty of women have actually mentioned that overly thick penises may not be their cup of tea. There’s such a thing as being too thick. 

Erection Angle

Not many men are overly concerned about this, but it’s interesting for some. All you need is a mirror, and you can estimate your erection angle when you stand against a wall. Keep in mind that a 180-degree angle means the penis is pointing straight up. A 90-degree angle means it’s point straight ahead. The average angle is 105.7 degrees, meaning a but up from perfectly horizontal. 

This issue doesn’t really mean much, unless your penis is overly curved. If that’s the case, you can discuss the matter with your doctor to consider your medical options. 

Final Word

Unless your penis is extremely tiny, your penis size isn’t really one of the top factors that women consider. In fact, it’s not an issue for 85% of women. There are more important things for women, such as your character, intelligence, sense of humor, and success in your professional field. 

Some women don’t even want a large penis on their partner, to be honest. Some women just find porn-sized organs rather too difficult to handle. Still, you may want a bigger penis because that’s what you want. And if that’s the case, you should see your doctor or a cosmetic surgeon. Because in the end, it’s your body!

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