Four Pillars Of Ethics Among Cosmetic Surgeons

We’ve all heard of botched cosmetic surgery jobs, from facelifts resulting in skewed faces to liposuction resulting in visible scars – and that’s not even the worst of it! Many of these surgeries-gone-awry are the fault of the surgeons who likely have disregarded ethics in the practice of their profession.

Indeed, we believe that the surgeons have the ultimate responsibility of protecting their patients from the side effects, risks and complications of cosmetic surgery while maximizing the results of the procedures. We also believe that patients should be aware of their own responsibility in choosing reliable surgeons, particularly in choosing Athenix Body for their liposuction needs.

With that being said, what are the four principles of ethics that cosmetic surgeons should follow in their practice? As a patient, you should be able to see manifestations of your surgeon’s adoption of these principles, too.  

Compassionate Care

Surgeons have to make decisions and take action based on their patients’ best interests. Compassionate care is a must because surgeons don’t only deal with the physical issues of their patients, whether it’s deep wrinkles on the face or a large fat deposit in the abdomen, but also their psychological issues. Most, if not all, patients who undergo cosmetic surgery are struggling with body issues that can be addressed by the procedures.  

Respect for Human Dignity

Every person deserves respect regardless of sex, color and creed, and it’s a principle that strongly applies in cosmetic surgery. Respect for human dignity involves providing patients with the right information at the right time and in the right manner, as well as in allowing them to make their own decisions.

Choice to Serve

Surgeons have the right and responsibility to choose their patients based on the latter’s best interests, not their monetary interests, among other factors. The right to choose patients isn’t predicated on prejudice and the like but on promoting patient welfare. For example, if a patient has serious health issues, such as body dysmorphic disorder, the surgeon can refuse to provide cosmetic surgery.  

Available Healthcare

Ideally, every person should have access to healthcare services including cosmetic surgery. But this isn’t so in reality although many clinics are opening more branches nationwide. Patients interested in cosmetic surgery but don’t have easy access to a clinic can use the Internet to find the nearest Athenix Body clinic.  

The bottom line: You, the patient, should be able to trust and work with the cosmetic surgeon of your choice. Look for a surgeon with a proven track record of success in your desired procedure since he’s likely to follow ethical rules, too.

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