Top Ways Cosmetic Surgeons Can Help Men

Most people immediately think about female patients when they hear about cosmetic surgery. After all, men aren’t supposed to worry about the aesthetic signs of aging. Men are supposed to age gracefully, and these signs of aging aren’t bad things at all. 

The truth of the matter is that an increasing number of men do care about their looks even as they get older. They want to look young and fit, which is understandable. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to maintain a man’s youth naturally, with just the right combination of diet and exercise. 

The good news is that cosmetic surgery for men is much more acceptable these days. It does help, that cosmetic surgeons are very discreet, and the male patients are typically mum about the subject. Let’s get around this veil of silence and find out which cosmetic surgery options are popular these days. 

Abdominal Contouring

It’s true that over the last few years, there’s been an emphasis on developing the fabled “6-pack”. But for many men, it’s more than enough that they somehow lessen the size of their gut. Plenty of men are unhappy with how big their abdomens are. 

The traditional solution of diet and exercise may be theoretically proper, but it’s not quite realistic. There isn’t much time in the day for working out, when many men are trapped in their office or home most of the time. 

Dieting isn’t easy as well. There are too many tempting fast-food options, and lots of men can’t seem to say “no” to beer, steak, burgers, and pizza. 

At least the cosmetic surgeon can help, and it doesn’t even have to start with surgery. There are some fairly effective non-surgical options for fat reduction, such as the increasingly popular CoolSculpting and SculpSure techniques. These methods can reduce the targeted fat by as much as 20%. 

These methods use either heat or cold to destroy fat cells. Both methods work very effectively, and are certainly faster than regular diet and exercise for weight loss. These need several treatments, however, with 6 to 8 weeks between each treatment. 

If a 20% reduction doesn’t seem much for you, there’s still liposuction. This is a surgical procedure, and most cosmetic surgeons regard it as the standard solution for male abdominal fat reduction. It’s a time-tested answer, and recent technological advances have made it even more effective. Lasers may even be used to result in the fabled “6-pack”. 

Liposuction does come with risks, like all surgeries. In most cases when working with experienced cosmetic surgeons, the risk is generally minimal. One advantage of liposuction for the abdomen is that it normally requires only a week of downtime. 

Eliminating Man-Boobs

Some men develop excess fat in their chest area, resulting in the dreaded “man-boobs” issue. This problem is called gynecomastia, and technically it’s specifically caused by certain hormonal imbalance. But if the enlarged male chest is simply because of excess fat, then it’s not really gynecomastia at all (strictly speaking). 

Most patients, though, aren’t overly concerned about proper terminology. They just want the man-boobs to go away, and liposuction is also the most common solution to the problem. This will eliminate the fat, but some of the breast tissue may have to be removed as well. 

Scarring may be an issue, which may alarm some male patients. However, doctors may be able to camouflage the incision (usually in the border area between the chest and the nipple) so that the scar isn’t all that obvious. 

Removing the Excess Fat under the Chin

Plenty of men prefer a more defined jawline, but that can be a problem when they have excess fat under the chin. This spot is another popular area for excess fat. This can make you feel overweight, even when you’re actually not. 

However, both CoolSculpting and SculpSure solutions can actually work for this problem as well. In addition, there’s the Kybella injectable that specifically targets the under-the-chin fat. 

Still, liposuction may be the best answer when there’s considerable amount of fat under the chin. Afterwards, the skin will be tightened under the chin. There are several possible solutions for this, such as the use of radiofrequency energy to heat the tissue to minimize the injury to the skin of the neck. 

All these potential solutions are available now, and you only need to discuss it with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. You may end up with a flat stomach and chest, plus the defined jawline you want. 

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