Questions You Should Ask When Considering Post-delivery Liposuction

Cardi B, among the foremost female rappers today, once said that she underwent liposuction after she delivered her daughter, and we can’t blame here. While pregnancy and the birth of a child will bring joy into your life, these events can also bring body issues that you may want to get rid of. These issues can range from a large abdomen that doesn’t seem to shrink with diet and exercise to sagging skin around it. 

But before you undergo Vaser Lipo, here are vital questions you and your qualified dermatologist have to discuss. While liposuction is a personal decision, keep in mind that it has its risks and rewards that must be carefully weighed. Your doctor will also consider a wide range of factors including your age, physical condition and expectations before recommending it. 

Is It Safe to Undergo a Post-delivery Liposuction? 

Yes, it’s safe! But your doctor will likely recommend not undergoing it just yet in case you have plans of having more children in the future. This is because another pregnancy can affect the post-liposuction results that, in turn, can mean disappointment. 

Is It Better to Get a Tummy Tuck than a Liposuction? 

There’s no definite answer because it will depend on your specific circumstances and your doctor’s professional judgment. You have to discuss these matters in detail with your doctor since a liposuction may or may not be suitable in your case. 

If you have some sagging skin after childbirth, then a tummy tuck will likely be the best solution for your large tummy issues. But if your body issues are caused by the presence of persistent fat deposits, then you’re a good candidate for liposuction. 

Will Liposuction Have an Effect on Your Next Pregnancy? 

No, there won’t likely be an effect on your next pregnancy in case you and your doctor decide to proceed with liposuction. But keep in mind, too, that the results obtained from liposuction may be affected if you become pregnant again. 

While fat build-up in the treatment area, particularly your abdomen, will likely not be as large as it was pre-liposuction, it’s possible to gain significant weight during pregnancy, even after childbirth. It’s the main reason why doctors recommend holding off on liposuction until such time that you’re done with having children. 

How Much Time Should You Wait? 

You should ideally take your time before considering post-pregnancy liposuction. Your body should be given sufficient time to heal from the stress caused by the pregnancy and childbirth. You will also be instructed by your doctor to get rid of the excess weight and fat gained during your pregnancy. 

Don’t be in a hurry to get liposuction even when it’s considered safe and effective in your case. Your body has just undergone significant stress that no other natural life event can equal. You have to let your body rest and recover before subjecting it to another type of stress, albeit gentler than childbirth. 

You should also consider the cost of liposuction. You may well spend thousands of dollars on it, particularly as it isn’t covered by medical insurance.

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