Sleep Might Be What’s Missing from Your Weight Loss Regimen

Losing weight requires a delicate balance of various things. While you can get some results while missing on a thing or two, it wouldn’t be sustainable and you might not achieve your desired output overall. For most experts, the recipe is simple: exercise, diet, and sleep. With these three at the right amounts, you can hit your target weight or shape.

Unfortunately, lots of people tend to miss out on sleep. And this is not just for those who are trying to shed some pounds but in general. Surveys show that about 70% of adults do not get 7-8 hours of sleep on a nightly basis. This leads to sleep deprivation and sleep-related health issues.

Sleep and Weight Loss

It’s very interesting how sleep can affect a person’s weight in various ways. Once you get to know the details, you’ll see how intertwined the two can be.

First off, sleep is necessary if you want to lose weight because it will give you the energy you need to take on the day. Lack of zzz’s will leave you too sluggish that might keep you from exercising because you’re too tired. It will also make you crave for sugary and starchy things that will up your calorie intake. As a result, the amount of sleep you get will have a direct effect on your diet and workout regimen.

Then there’s also the fact that chronic sleep deprivation has a huge impact on your fat cells. Lack of sleep will make you insulin resistant which will then lead to faster fat storage. What’s even worse is that by continuously missing out on sleep, your body will eventually start storing fats in all the wrong places. His mostly involves the usage of the fat cells that surround your vital organs. This makes weight gain more dangerous to your health.

Some may argue that they can just turn to non-invasive procedures like Athenix Body Sculpting or Vaser Lipo to help them get in their desired weight and shape but it’s not really the same. While the said procedures can really be very helpful in the final stretches of your fitness journey and in maintaining your desired shape, they cannot replace sleep. 

Prioritize Sleep If You Wish to Get in Better Shape

With all of these said, you should definitely consider working on your sleep, too, if you want to get in better shape. Several studies prove that sleep is a vital component of an effective weight loss regimen so you should make sure to add it into your routine. It might prove to be a challenge but you’ll definitely thank yourself for spending more time in bed. 

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