All About Men And Their Need For Liposuction

More men are undergoing liposuction at Smart Lipo and it isn’t such surprising as it may seem at first. But there are different ways that men approach liposuction then women, as well as their favorite areas for treatment.

Increase in Popularity

Men are seeking and undergoing more cosmetic procedures and liposuction is arguably the most popular among them. Their sexual orientation doesn’t seem to matter either – heterosexuals, metrosexuals, and homosexuals are all considering procedures that can address their body issues. These usually include stubborn deposits of fat in their abdomen, a universal problem known as love handles and beer bellies.  

Why is this so? Men nowadays are more conscious about their faces and bodies, as evidenced by the increase in sales of skincare and grooming products for men. But it isn’t just the self-consciousness that seems to be driving the increased interest in cosmetics and cosmetic procedures either. There are also factors including a more competitive workplace, the Internet and media’s emphasis on beauty, and higher divorce rates.  

Men, in general, look for cosmetic procedures that will make them look better, fresher and younger as well as feel more attractive to others.  

Men of Nearly All Ages

Men of all ages can undergo liposuction although there are limitations depending on an individual patient’s physical condition. According to doctors, nonetheless, men between their mid-thirties and mid-fifties undergo liposuction on their lower back rolls, abdomen, and love handles, as well as abdominal etching and gynecomastia surgery.  

Unlike women, however, men tend to avoid liposuction on the arms and thighs. This maybe because these parts of the body can be sculpted with exercise – the upper and lower back, neck, and abdomen can be more difficult.  

Men and Women Differ

While both sexes have similar expectation from liposuction, there are significant differences between them when it comes to their attitude toward it. Men, for one thing, are more direct in their attitude in that they undergo the procedure soon after their consultation. Women tend to think about it more so they delay the procedure.  

Men aren’t looking for perfection in their results but they still want to look and feel better. They want a faster and easier recovery and, in some cases, can be grouchy patients because of their inability to handle the post-operative demands (i.e., pain and after-care steps).  

Men are also more secretive about their procedures!  Women, in contrast, will talk about their procedures with their family and friends. Men will not admit to having their abdomen done even when pressed for it – and it can be difficult for doctors to use word-of-mouth advertising for this reason.

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