The Highlight on Beauty Enhanced Through Liposuction

What do you think Kim Kardashian, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Maria Carey have in common?  Your guess is not as good as mine.  Yes, they all are popular celebrities from Hollywood and aside from that  they underwent treatment through liposuction.  And they have different reasons for doing so.  According to an article published on the Internet, Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian underwent lipo for post pregnancy weight loss (Memorial Plastic Surgery, 2021) .  In the case of  Dwayne Johnson, it is a reason for having a proportionate body after his wrestling days.  Whatever reasons one might have for undergoing liposuction, it points to one thing: liposuction is aesthetics in its own right.

Do we know something about liposuction?  According to Mr. Webster. “ liposuction is surgical removal of local fat deposits (as in the thighs) especially for cosmetic purposes.”  We can also glean from another dictionary the meaning of liposuction.  In Oxford dictionary, liposuction is  defined as “is a form of cosmetic surgery where fat is removed from a particular area of the body by dissolving it with special chemicals and then sucking it out with a tube.”  In other words, this

treatment is to enhance the physical appearance rather than for medical reasons. Now it gives us an idea why celebrities and non-celebrities want to undergo lipo to improve their physical appearance. A science journal reports that liposuction is not a new venture.  In fact, the technique of  eliminating fats from other parts of the body or its technique was done as early as 1921  by  Charles Dujarrier in France.  The modern liposuction began with Arpad and Giorgio Fischer’s technique and instruments while working in Rome (Dermatologic Surgery Journal, Vol. 26, 2000).  Citing the same journal, in 1977, the first American who made a visit to France, Lawrence Field, a dermatologic surgeon from California learned the new field of liposuction.  In in succeeding years, modern liposuction made its way in American soil.

Different liposuctions treatments are available today which are offered to men and women alike according to the client’s purpose and reason for submitting to the treatment.  One of the popular treatments is the KYBELLA.  This is a treatment  ideally for  the medical term submental fullness or in layman’s term is known as double chin. When extra fats grow under the chin, then it becomes double chin, some people having this feel uncomfortable because of the saggy feeling which makes the individual look more mature and old.

KYBELLA treatment is especially tailored to address this problem.  The foremost benefits of  this treatment are: having a more defined jawline; when stable weight is maintained, the treatment lasts long while  safety with efficacy is guaranteed  with FDA approval. Basically, KYBELLA has this property called synthetic deoxycholic acid that causes the dissolution of membranes lining the fat cells under the chin.  The end result of KYBELLA treatment is the notable  reduction of chin.  And the good news is that when these cells have been eliminated, they don’t grow anymore and fats do not exist there anymore unless more weight is gained by the patient.  With the good benefits offered by this treatment, the cost for treatment is reasonable. 

For example, for two treatments, the estimated  cost ranges from $800 to $3,000.  Considering the good benefits you can reap from the treatment,  one can think it is a steal.  The preparation before treatment is simple, the client has to discuss some issues with the health provider about certain issues such as difficulty in swallowing, bleeding issues, plans on having pregnancy or breastfeeding.  There are also do’s and don’ts that will be provided by the doctor to make sure that the process will be successful.

KYBELLA treatment is just one of those offered  if you want to enhance the physical appearance or improve one’s physical attributes.  They say beauty is only skin deep but having that pleasing look entails a lot of positive things such as social acceptance, winning more friends, more confidence, and positive outlook in life. Having all of these around us, assurance of success in any endeavor is a great possibility.  With liposuction as one of the solutions to having a nice and better look,  why not give it a try?

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