What to Do After Liposuction

You have done the research and compared Vaser lipo price options, and you’re now ready to undergo the procedure. But what what happens when you’re done with the surgery? What activities can you do?

The Recovery Period

Depending on the type of liposuction performed, you may be able to leave the clinic in 3 hours or 30 minutes. Once home you’ll want to rest and follow the advice given by your surgeon. Most people are able to return to normal, day to day activities in a week or two. In a few months most will make a full recovery.

During the first few days you’ll feel a bit of discomfort but you’ll still be able to move around normally.  

Put Your Compression Garment On

Following the surgery your body will try to put fluids in the treated section. Put on your compression garment as it helps deal with the swelling and discomfort. The garment will also allow your body to get accustomed to its new look and shape.

Most patients keep the garments on for 2 weeks minimum or until the swelling has disappeared or subsided. Two weeks is the absolute minimum as some keep it on up to 6 weeks or longer, it’s your decision.

A Sensible Diet

By sensible we mean healthy, with lots of liquids to avoid dehydration. By drinking liquids you’ll be able to deal with the swelling.

As for food, it is best to lower your calorie and fat intake for a few weeks after surgery. Doing this will speed up your recovery plus it is good for your overall health. Lowering your fat and calorie intake also accelerates your body’s adaptation to its new shape.

It should be stressed here that liposuction is not a replacement for a healthy diet, exercise and weight loss. If you don’t eat right you’ll put on weight again, though the area operated on won’t get fat.

Exercise Helps

Don’t just sit around during the recovery phase. Walk at your normal pace is good for your body and lowers the odds of blood clot developing. Walking also improves blood circulation.

At the same time, do not engage in rigorous workouts for at least four weeks. After a month or two, you can slowly start to do more high intensity workouts.


Liposuction is a straightforward process, and the benefits are immense. As long as you take care of yourself following the operation, there shouldn’t be any serious issues.

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