Why Should You Choose Vaser Liposuction?  

The ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL) procedure at Vaser Lipo clinics is a popular technique among patients and doctors alike because of its numerous benefits. Basically, the doctor uses an ultrasound probe, which generates high-pitched sound waves, in breaking up and liquefying the fat deposits. The liquefied fat then becomes easier to remove via the vacuum effect of a thin tube known as a cannula.

Keeps the Surrounding Area Unharmed

Traditional liposuction has its merits, of course, but it has its fair share of risks, too. For one thing, it can damage the area surrounding the treatment site, a risk that can cause many side effects including greater pain and longer recovery time. For another thing, it poses a higher risk of post-surgical complications including bleeding, swelling and bruising.

These aren’t true, fortunately, for UAL, as pioneered and developed by Vaser. Unlike traditional liposuction, the use of ultrasound technology leaves the blood vessels, nerves and tissues around the treatment area virtually unharmed! This is important in maximizing the fat removal results and minimizing the side effects including post-surgical swelling and bruising.

After a local anesthetic has been administered to the treatment area, the doctor fills the treatment area with a saline wetting solution. This solution serves two functions, namely: first, to numb the site; and second, to shrink the blood vessels.

A small ultrasonic probe, which emits high-frequency sound energy, is then used in breaking up the fat deposits on contact. There’s then minimal damage to the surrounding tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.  

Higher Level of Safety and Precision

Doctors use UAL, too, because of its higher level of precision particularly in targeting delicate areas of the body. UAL is, indeed, a great procedure for sculpting and shaping problematic parts of the body including the cheeks, chin, and neck, as well as the arms, inner thighs, and knees. It’s also a popular technique for body sculpting in larger areas like the buttocks, abdomen, and hips, as well as the back, love handles, and male breasts.  

The bottom line: Where traditional liposuction can be used, UAL can also be used but with a significant difference – the latter produces more precise results in more delicate areas.  

The pain level post-UAL is also lower than in traditional liposuction. Again, it can be attributed to the fact that UAL leaves the surrounding sensitive blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues largely undisturbed during the procedure.  

Ask your doctor about UAL today and you may find that it’s the solution to your body sculpting issues that has so far eluded you!  

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