8 Tips to Help You Lose Face Fat

8 Tips to Help You Lose Face Fat

A lot of people want to lose fat in certain areas of their body such as the belly, hips, and thighs. Some also want to lose some fat from their chin, cheeks or neck. There are slimming devices and treatments like Smart Lipo that may get rid of facial fat. However, one of the best ways to do this is to make long term changes to our lifestyle and diet.

If you are interested to know how else you can lose unwanted fat from your face, here are some effective tips you can try:

1. Do facial exercises

Not only do facial exercises enhance your face and fight signs of aging, it also helps you look slimmer. You can find many videos on Youtube that showcase various facial exercises such as pushing air from one side to the other, puffing out your cheeks, etc. Facial exercises work on the muscles in your face to build muscle tone. Doing facial exercises twice a day for 2 months has been found to boost muscle thickness and result in facial rejuvenation.

2. Do cardio exercises

When people gain weight, they don’t just get excess fat on one part of the body. The excess fat gets distributed to various areas including your face. This is why if you do cardio, you will not only slim down your body but also your face. Various studies have found that these exercises increases fat loss and fat burning. Aim to do at least 150 minutes of cardio every week or 20 minutes of cardio every day.

3. Drink enough water

Drinking water is important for your health and it is also essential if you want to lose facial fat. Drinking water helps you feel full which in turn promotes weight loss. Drinking water also boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories.

4. Avoid alcohol

A glass of wine with dinner is generally OK but excessive alcohol consumption can lead to bloating and fat accumulation. Alcohol is high in calories but lack important nutrients. It’s also a diuretic which means it causes you to pee more frequently, causing water retention and dehydration. Not to mention, drinking alcohol makes you eat more and boosts your appetite.

5. Avoid refined carbs

Cookies, pasta, crackers and other heavily processed foods lead to weight gain and also encourages the body to store fat. These also contain very little fiber so they get digested quickly causing blood sugar levels to spike.

6. Get enough sleep

Aim to sleep for 7-8 hours everyday. Depriving yourself of sleep triggers the body to produce a stress hormone called cortisol which causes weight gain. Cortisol increases your appetite and also slows down metabolism.

7. Don’t consume too much sodium

Sodium is an important ingredient in any food preparation but it also causes fluid retention, bloating, puffiness and swelling especially in the belly and face.

8. Consume more fiber

To help slim down your face you should consume foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber helps curb cravings and makes you feel full longer. This ensures you don’t overeat and may even help you trim down your waistline and make your face slimmer.

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