Teens, Think Twice Before Getting Liposuction!

Many teenagers and their parents approach Athenix Body Sculpting for its liposuction services. While the plastic surgeons and their staff can sympathize with the teens’ reasons for considering liposuction, it isn’t a service that can be provided off the cuff, so to speak, to the general public, more so to teens for several reasons.

Changing Bodies

In the age of social media, teenagers are under increased pressure to look good in order to feel good. Such pressure becomes more intense with exposure to so-called fitness inspirations, celebrity crushes, and models with goddess figures. The pressure mainly comes from body image, the way that teenagers see their bodies, especially in the presence of desirable curves and the absence of excess fat.  

But most, if not all, credible plastic surgeons will not provide liposuction services to teenagers below 18 years old unless under extreme circumstances. Even with adult patients, plastic surgeons will adopt a rigorous screening process to maximize the results and minimize the risks. Just imagine their increased vigilance with younger patients in their teens!

The primary reason for it: The bodies of teenagers are still undergoing physiological and physical changes, particularly in their body shape and body weight. These changes are completely natural and, in these cases, it’s best to let Mother Nature take its course before surgical intervention is made.

Teens, if you’re considering liposuction, you should think twice first! You should wait until your body has fully developed before approaching a doctor about it. Your baby fat, for example, will likely be gone by the time you become a good candidate for liposuction and, by then, you may not need it.  

Instead of liposuction, you may consider seeing a therapist or counsellor so you can get a better handle on your body image issues. You can also adopt a sensible diet and exercise program for a healthier body, which will also be needed if your doctor says that you can undergo liposuction in the future.

High Risks

And then there are the risks of liposuction itself! Your young mind and body may be unprepared for the post-surgery aspects, such as swelling around the incision areas, as well as dizziness, bruising, and infections. You may also experience scarring and dimpling of your skin when your incision sites have returned to their normal state.

You will also be required to rest well, which typically means at least two weeks of refraining from physical activities including hanging out with your friends. You may think that liposuction will change your life but it will change your life in ways that you likely haven’t foreseen.

But if you really want to undergo liposuction and your doctor believes that it’s a good idea, you should wait until you’re at least 18 years old.

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