Your Guide to Vaser

Check Sonobello prices and those of other clinics and you’ll see they offer Vaser, and it’s not a surprise given that it’s very common. If you decide to go under the knife you should learn as much about Vaser as possible however.

How it Works

Vaser is a type of liposuction procedure that involves the use of high energy sound waves or ultrasound that soften up fat. The procedure uses a probe to release sound energy, breaking up the fatty tissues.

The probe only works on the fatty tissues and does not damage the others near it. This makes it ideal for removing superficial and deep fat. When completed your skin appears smooth and clear.

Before the actual procedure, the target area is covered with an anesthetic and saline solution. These are inserted in the body via small incisions. This does three things: one, the anesthesia numbs the part. Second, it reduces the blood vessels’ size to limit bruising and blood loss. And third, the solution dampens the target area, making it easier for the probe to break the fats.

Treatable Areas

Vaser can be used for various parts of the body. It is most effective on the neck, chin, love handles, male breasts, arms, back, hips, buttocks, knees and thighs and abdomen. In other words it can be used on just about every part of your body.

It should be pointed out that Vaser is not meant to replace your diet. Obese and very overweight people will be better off losing a few pounds first before going through the process.

The Results and Healing Process

The results will be obvious right away. You will feel a bit of soreness and may see a bit of bruising on the area that was worked on. Other than that you should be fine. In some cases doctors will prescribe painkillers so you can cope with the discomfort and pain.

The swelling and bruises should all disappear in a month’s time. It will also depend on how much fat is removed during the surgery. The more fat that is removed, the longer you’ll take to heal.


Vaser is no longer as expensive as it once was, and you can tell this by looking at a Sono Bello lift cost. But it’s only going to be as good as your lifestyle and diet. You must exercise and go on a healthy diet so you don’t put on those pounds again.

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