Are At-Home Lip Fillers Safe?

Are At-Home Lip Fillers Safe?

The short and simple answer is NO. The FDA continues to warn people against using at-home lip fillers due to the risk for potentially irreversible complications and serious side effects.

These at-home filler devices are being marketed as needle-free alternatives to dermal fillers. Like many cosmetic products you can use at home, they grew in popularity during the pandemic and continue to be sought after today.  However, these handheld pens and devices are not regulated, not approved by the FDA, and come with quite a few health risks.

How At-Home Lip Fillers Work

Based on the information we found online, it takes only a few minutes to administer the filler and there is neither downtime nor pain. But knowing how these devices function is important to understanding the dangers they present. Lip filler pens are a bit different to traditional dermal fillers – they are pen-like devices that don’t have needles. They use jet injection technology (pressurized air) to deliver the filler into the skin’s top layers.

Some online tutorials show people how to use the filler pens and it’s downright scary. The huge device resembles an ear piercing gun that deposits the filler into the lips. The force is so great that it jolts the user backwards. Lips become much fuller but they also appear swollen, red and bruised. These immediate results may make it look like it’s done by a pro except that they come with horrific long-term side effects.

Many are unaware of the serious adverse effects that have been reported including permanent damage to the eyes, lips and skin. The devices use high amounts of pressure to push dermal filler into the skin without needing a needle.  The devices do not provide people control over where the filler is placed and to make matters worse, the filler substances, may not even contain what they claim and instead contain harmful chemicals or pathogens.

Some potential side effects are temporary such as bruising and bleeding. However, others like lumps, discoloration and scarring are permanent.  Potentially life-threatening complications including necrosis (tissue death), stroke and blindness may occur due to blood vessel blockage. If the substance (filler) has a contaminant such as a virus or bacteria, then it could also cause an infection. People should veer away from these at-home devices and fillers to be safe.

What to Do Instead

If you want to get dermal fillers like Juvederm to plump up your lips, smoothen out wrinkles, or simply enhance your face,  go with FDA-approved procedures.  Real hyaluronic acid fillers are effective and safe when injected by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist who is using products that are approved by the FDA in a medical setting. As with every cosmetic procedure, side effects can occur, like an allergic reaction. But because the process is generally low-risk and you are being overseen by a qualified medical professional you are in good hands. Any side effects from hyaluronic acid fillers are likewise temporary and reversible.

How to use at-home lip fillers demo:

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